Wooden Spoons for Cooking - Professional and Natural Kitchen Spoon Set - Smooth Finish Acacia Wooden Cooking Utensils, Heat-resistant & Non-scratch - 5 Pcs

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WHY IS IT BETTER TO USE WOODEN SPOON FOR COOKING? Wooden spoons don't quickly heat to scalding temperatures, chemically react with acidic foods, or scratch pots and bowls, as their metal counterparts do. They don't melt or leach chemicals or strange tastes into hot foods as plastic does. A wooden spoon can be used to stir any dish in any type of vessel. PROMOTE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Adopting an eco-friendly kitchen means you are making a conscious effort to prevent your exposure to toxic chemicals in food products. You may already be eating an organic and natural food diet and wish to carry this into the kitchen. An eco-friendly lifestyle in the kitchen is not just for you, but also for your family. It can be a valuable teaching lesson for children to learn the importance of being healthy in the food they eat, the amount of waste they produce, and adopting an eco-friendly mindset. ACACIA WOOD Acacia wood is relatively eco-friendly as it grows quickly enough to replenish well. It is sturdy enough to cook with but relatively light meaning you can handle it in your kitchen fairly easily without it becoming damaged. Cosmetically it is also a darker wood meaning it would be best suited. HOW TO PROPERLY CLEAN WOODEN SPOONS ✅To clean a wooden spoon properly you have to hand wash it with hot soapy water (preferably quickly after each use), and you should pat it dry with a clean cloth and let it air dry before putting it away. ✅Always make sure wooden spoons are completely dry before putting them back into the cutlery draw. ✅Apply mineral oil to the wood every once in a while to prevent the wood from drying out and cracking. ✅If your wooden utensils develop spotted stains or roughness, these can be rubbed away with a piece of fine sandpaper. Oil the surface afterward with mineral oil BUY NOW


  • GREAT ADDITION TO YOUR KITCHENWARE- Our Wooden Cooking Utensil Set is made of natural Acacia wood that gives a beautiful appearance to your kitchen. The package includes a wooden cooking spoons, salad fork, wooden ladle for soup, wood spatula, and wok turner. These handcrafted wooden spoon set are truly unique functional works of art that make wonderful gifts for men and women who loves to cook.
  • HEALTHY AND SAFE FOR COOKING- Our wooden utensil set is BPA free and is safe for cooking. It is a perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic utensils. They help limit plastic waste and are completely biodegradable. You can use this wooden kitchen utensils to cook your favorite dish, mixing salad and use the serving spoons.
  • DURABLE AND HEAT-RESISTANT- Our wooden spoon sets are very durable and hard to break, you can stir even the thickest ingredients or scrape food off the bottom of the pan. These cooking spoons can withstand heat and won't melt on your cooking pan.
  • LESS DAMAGE TO YOUR COOKWARE- Our kitchen wooden utensils won't scratch your favorite and expensive cookware, and in opposition to metal utensils, they are nice and quiet to use.
  • EASY TO CARE AND MAINTAIN- Easily clean the wooden cooking spoon by hand washing with hot soapy water after each use, pat it dry with clean cloth, and let it dry naturally before putting it away

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