Willa Flare Air Fryer Magnetic Cheat Sheet Cooking Times Reference Guide for 80 Foods - Flip Chart and 6 Vinyl Decal Stickers | Perfectly Fry Family Favorites like Pizza, Chicken Nuggets, French Fries

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Mastering Your Air Fryer Just Got Ridiculously Easy Air fryers are sweeping the globe and it’s no secret why: They make the BEST fried foods that taste better than traditional grease frying – and are BETTER for you, too! There’s just one little problem… How the HECK do you work this crazy contraption? With so many new things to learn, it can be a head-scratcher trying to figure out how long to cook your favorite foods. And the manual? Well that only tells you a few recipes and ballpark cooking ranges. You don’t want general cooking times, right? You want PERFECT cooking times! That golden brown crisp. That heavenly crunch. There’s nothing quite like fried foods cooked to crispy perfection.


  • CONVENIENT FLIP CHART DESIGN: Looking up cooking times and temps for EVERY food you want to air fry? Stop the time-sucking madness! With the Willa Flare air fryer cheat sheet, cheating your way to perfectly fried foods has never been easier! We've packed dozens of your favorite foods into one magnetic flip chart, complete with an ultra strong magnetic backing. It's compact so it won't hog up all your fridge space, yet features extra big font for easy reading!
  • REMOVABLE, REUSABLE VINYL STICKERS: Looking for awesome air fryer accessories? We've tossed in six removable stickers that give you exact cooking times and temperatures for some of your favorite snack foods. Whip up flawless french fries and chicken nuggets fried to crispy perfection, plus get handy tips for how to make fried foods even tastier. They're made from easy-peel, splash-proof vinyl, so they're a piece of cake to remove and reuse!
  • PERFECT COOK TIMES FOR 80 FOODS: From juicy filet mignon to gooey mozzarella sticks and quick and dirty shrimp, you'll find tons of cooking temperature guides for all your favorite meals. And of course, we couldn't leave out family classics like pizza, wings and meatballs! We've broken everything down into convenient categories for you: beef, chicken, pork and lamb, seafood, vegetables and frozen foods. All that's left to do is flip and fry!
  • ULTRA STRONG MAGNETIC BACKING: With a super strong magnetic back, you'll never have to worry about your chart slipping and sliding all over the fridge. It even sticks to other magnetic surfaces like your dishwasher and anything iron! Prefer to keep your fridge neat and tidy? It's also got a built-in hook, if displaying on a wall is more your style. Just slip over any nail or thumb tack and voila! You're ready to access your cooking temperature magnet, calendar-style.
  • TWO FULL PAGES OF TIPS AND TRICKS: Still an air fryer ninja in the making? With two full pages of tips and tricks, you'll be a frying master in no time! Learn valuable information like how to get your air fryer up to temp faster, achieve a superior crisp and what types of batters NOT to use in your fryer. With tips, tricks and all your favorite foods, your Willa Flare flip chart is the only airfryer accessory you'll ever need!

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