Why Do I Feel So Sad?: A Grief Book for Children

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Product Description Find comfort and hope through the process of grief and loss―for kids ages 5 to 7 Why Do I Feel So Sad? is an inclusive, age-appropriate, illustrated kid's book designed to help young children understand their own grief. The examples and beautiful illustrations are rooted in real life, exploring the truth of loss and change, while remaining comforting and hopeful. Broad enough to encompass many forms of grief, this book reassures kids that they are not alone in their feelings and even suggests simple things they can do to feel better, like drawing, dancing, and talking to friends and family. Why Do I Feel So Sad? is: Practical and compassionate―Written for early childhood-aged kids, this book touches on common sources of grief―everything from death to divorce or changing schools. Different for everyone―This book normalizes the confusing thoughts and physical symptoms that come with grief, so kids know there’s no one right way to feel or heal. Tips for grownups―Find expert advice and simple strategies for supporting grieving kids in your life. Children don’t have to go through grief alone; this book provides the tools to help them. Review “This book does an amazing job of addressing one of the more difficult conversations to have with children. The broad topics help illuminate the ways that grief shows up for even the youngest child. The resources, activities, and conversation prompts expend the book beyond just the front and back cover. I would highly recommend anyone who works with or has children in their lives own a copy of Why Do I Feel So Sad? in their personal library.” ―Megan McKeegan, LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) “As a children’s therapist, I was blown away by Why Do I Feel So Sad?. I believe it is a crucial book for all therapists to have in their office. With vibrant, diverse illustrations and easy-to-read words, children’s emotions and experiences are normalized and validated. Prompts and resources included in the book will facilitate important and engaging discussion for families, and the activities will help children further explore and understand their grief.” ―Laura K. Calkins-Torres, MA, NCC, LCPC, ICDVP “Grief is one of the most demanding emotions that we can ever feel, and it is even harder to understand. Tracy does an incredible job not only explaining grief but also in providing tools on how to start the healing process. Why Do I Feel So Sad? was beautiful to read―the illustrations, which included people of all cultural backgrounds, tugged at my heartstrings. As a therapist, I recommend this book for little ones who are battling with grief and as a must for clinicians who treat children.” ―Andrea Gibson, LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) “Why Do I Feel So Sad? is a beautifully illustrated, helpful book written in simple language that children can understand. The author makes the important point that grief comes in many forms. The helpful resource guide makes this a must-have for any family or therapist's bookshelf!” ―Amie Allain, PhD, Licensed Psychologist “This book is a valuable tool to help children process and understand their grief. It helps them understand what grief is and what it feels like in their body, and that it comes not just from the loss of a loved one but a range of life changes: divorce, the loss of a pet, moving, or the loss of friends. It normalizes the feelings associated with grief and provides a wide selection of coping skills to help support them through their overwhelming emotions.” ―Joanna Loredo, Licensed Professional Counselor “This book does a great job of including many life situations where a child may feel grief, the feelings and/or behaviors they may experience, and ways to cope with it. I found this book to be very validating, which will help the grieving process and allow kids to know although it may not feel normal, it is normal. The author really made this book an easy read; it is relatable and easy to understand. I would

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