When the Clock Strikes on Halloween

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Product Description It's Halloween night which means trick-or-treating in spooktacular costumes. This is the right book to get kids interested in learning about time counting every hour until Halloween. Simple rhyming sentences reinforce learning the language of telling time. Little clues on every page will hold your child’s attention and have them going back through the book over and over again. Perfect for kids aged 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Playful illustrations and fun rhymes help every kid learn about time. Review What teachers are saying "A magical journey through time that touches on all the Halloween highlights that spark the imagination of children and adults alike! The beautiful illustrations sweep the reader away as the countdown begins." --Valérie Besanceney, Primary international school teacher and author " I read this to my first grade class and they loved it! They enjoy rhyming books and right away they knew this was going to be a fun book to listen to." --Jennfer Zimbal, First grade teacher "This was a charming, likable story that captivated my students and even inspired ideas for next Halloween! It will definitely be a book I read each year."  --Christine Egan, Kindergarten teacher What kids are saying "I liked it when the goblins need to pee!" --Liam, Pia, Kevin, Joey, Rithvik, and Zack, Grade 3 "I liked the sparkles on the witches' broom." --Abby and Alexander, Grade 3 "My favorite part is when the shadows come alive." --Chinmayi, Grade 3 What parents are saying "This book is cute, educational, and funny. I'm excited to retire our old Halloween book and replace it with something with substance." --Diana McCarty, mother of two "The peeing goblin always gets a laugh!" --Julia Inserro, author and mother of three "Today my six year old came home to tell me the librarian read my friend Lisa Ferland 's book to their class and kids are checking it out of the library. I also gave a copy to his teachers for their classroom. The teachers and kids LOVE it! You will too!" --Marcelle Yeager From the Author The When the Clock Strikes series is all about introducing time telling to kids in a fun and enjoyable way. Written and designed with input from elementary school teachers, the text and illustrations are created for maximum enjoyment for preschoolers and early readers. Kids love learning how to read and now they'll love learning how to tell time. The rhymes are simple and your child will be able to memorize the pattern and begin reading independently in no time. Help your preschooler or first grader learn to tell time on the hour with the large clock on every page, learn to read with the simple rhyming pattern, and look for fun clues on every page. From the Back Cover As the clock strikes every hour, discover what tricks ghosts, goblins, and witches do on Halloween night.

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