Wall Clock Camera LMGL HD 1080P WiFi Clock Camera Wireless Hidden with Motion Detection, Remote Viewing, Loop Recording Mini Video, 5000mAh Battery Support iOS/Android

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☞Why are some cameras remotely unstable and often go offline abnormally? ★ The remote connection of wifi camera requires built-in wifi chip and remote terminal server to use. Some merchants use inferior chips and remote terminal servers of the previous generation to save costs. Therefore, abnormal offline often occurs. ★ As a manufacturer, we have the advantage of cost, remote connection is our proudest thing, we are equipped with the latest WIFI chip. And set up the latest generation of remote terminal server. We guarantee the stability of our remote connection. ☞Why are some cameras' battery life extremely poor? ★ Some cameras share the battery with the clock, which is not only unsafe and reduces battery life. Our clock and camera are operated by independent power sources. ★ The AAA battery supports clock work, and the camera works with a built-in rechargeable battery. Can be used for up to 6 hours. ☞What kind of after-sales service can I get? ★We provide you with a 12-month refund and 18-month free replacement service. And will send you a guide video Features: 👍 Space silver border + silent clock 👍 Camera, clock. Independent power control 👍 Built-in 5000mAh battery with super battery life 👍 WiFi remote real-time viewing 👍 Motion detection with adjustable detection frequency 👍 Email push + APP push 👍 1080P HD resolution + 4032 * 3024 HD pixels 👍 32G memory support + loop recording + storage up to 7 days of video 👍 Supports Android / iOS version + multi-user + PC Precautions: ★ Only support 2.4G WIFI, not support 5G WIFI ★ According to federal law, the camera does not support recording sound ★ The camera doesn't have night vision ★The camera does not contain an SD cardWhat's in the box? 1x wall clock camera 1x 6.56 ft USB charging cable 1x Quick charge plug 1x User guide 1x Afte


  • 👍Hidden Camera Clock: Stylish and unique space silver frame wall clock camera, the stability of the second hand movement ensures true silence. The 1920 * 1080P recording camera is built in at 10 o'clock, and can provide 4030 * 3024 HD shooting.180 degree manual lens adjustment. Concealment is the basic requirement of a spy camera, and the triangular concave design behind the camera can hang it anywhere. Whether it is a home, office, or factory, it is the best choice.
  • 👍Wifi Real Time Viewing: As a camera manufacturer, we built the latest wifi chip in the camera and equipped it with a professional APP to control the camera. Connect to your home network via APP. Thus enabling real-time video viewing and recording. Even if you leave home, you can still see what happens under the camera anytime, anywhere. Based on buyer feedback, we allow the APP to control multiple cameras. You can set your own password for each camera to prevent others from invading.
  • 👍Efficient and timely motion detection is an important function of the camera, which not only provides more security, but also saves storage space to the greatest extent. This camera is equipped with a motion detection system with adjustable detection frequency. After motion detection is turned on, it is stored only when motion is detected. The system can accurately detect people invading your house and timely capture real-time snapshots and videos to send to your mobile phone and mailbox.
  • 👍Taking into account the life of the camera. We make the camera and clock controlled by two different power sources. The clock can be controlled by a AAA battery. The camera is controlled by the built-in 5000mAh battery. Endurance is better than most cameras on the market. The camera can record video while charging. While charging, recording and stable remote connection will never stop.
  • 👍According to the feedback from buyers, we added the frequency adjustment function of motion detection, Developed professional APP to control the camera, equipped with 180 degree manual lens adjustmentadjustment, and make the video storage use loop recording scheme, so that you can watch the video more conveniently and quickly. If you encounter any technical problems, you can contact us by post-sale letter. We also provide you with a one-year refund and two-year replacement service.

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Wall Clock Camera Lmgl Hd 1080p Wifi Clock Camera, is it available on Amazon?

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It's unlikely to find significant changes in price, we expect this product to remain within its Average price. Our advice is Buy now.

What is the current price of Wall Clock Camera Lmgl Hd 1080p Wifi Clock Camera?

Its current price is $69.99

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