VibraWipe Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Large Size 14.2 x 14.2 inches, 8-Pack, Thick and Large All Purpose Cleaning Towel, Microfiber Cloth, Cars, Glass, Window, Machine Washable, Lint-Free

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Make cleaning your super power For grime-fighting stamina that rivals your favorite caped crusader, turn to the heavy-hitting VibraWipe Microfiber Cloths. These resilient and multi-functional towels tackle everything around the home, from dish washing and drying to car detailing and bath time. Featuring microscopic fibers that form a cleaning surface 40 times greater than cotton fibers, they rescue you from the toughest cleaning tasks so you can get back to doing the things you enjoy. Not your average cleaning cloth Our cleaning cloths have a split-fiber design that captures more dirt and dust, and their capacity to hold up to 5 times their weight in liquid ensures more moisture-wicking ability to mop up spills. They can be used wet or dry to clean tables, countertops, car upholstery, windows and floors. Their plush fibers are soft and non-marring on any surface so you can clean eyeglass lenses and phone screens with peace of mind. VibraWipe Cloths are up to any challenge Each 8-count pack features 2 pink, 2 blue, 2 yellow and 2 green cloths so you can assign specific uses such as face cloths, shop towels, dish rags and household cleaning to each. With an 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide, each 14.2" x 14.2" towel boasts strong overlock-stitched hems and rounded corners that withstand up to 300 machine washings. They are impressive not only for their long-lasting durability and versatility but for their environmentally friendly reusability. Put more muscle into all your clean-up tasks. Add VibraWipe Microfiber Cloths to your household cleaning supplies today.


  • Change Your Cleaning Experience With VIBRAWIPE™ MICROFIBER CLOTH - Pack of 8 Pieces (4-Color), Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, HIGH ABSORBENT, LINT-FREE, STREAK-FREE, Kitchen Cloth, Kitchen Towel, Drying Cloth, Microfiber Towel, For Kitchen, For Car, For Windows, Cleans Without Chemicals, All-Purpose Household Cleaning Cloths, Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • 8 pieces of VibraWipe™, 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide, 14.20-inch x 14.20-inch (36cm x 36cm) microfiber cloths.
  • Every piece of VibraWipe™ Microfiber Cloth cleans gently, removes dirt and grime like magnet. Super absorbent, holds up to 5-6 times its weight in liquid realistically, based on our testing. Cleans without chemical, leaves lint-free and streak-free results. Thick, plush and soft; Machine washable, air dry; Safe for all hard surfaces.
  • COMMON PROBLEM RESOLVED: VibraWipe™ addressed the unraveling of stitches, a common problem faced by many consumers, with its rounded corners that are firmly and continuously stitched. VibraWipe™ Microfiber Cloths have received lots of highly-rated reviews and feedback from customers who have actually used them. Be sure to read them on the Product Review and Seller Feedback sections.
  • CONSISTENTLY HIGH QUALITY since 2013. The high quality VibraWipe Microfiber Cloths is to replace the use of paper towels and those similar products that are of lower quality. Customers are happy to find VibraWipe products environmental friendly.

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