VeloPRO Baseball and Softball Movement Enhancement Training System Including Belt/Harness, Foot/Ankle Strap, 2 Bungee Cords. Enhance Hitting, Pitching, Throwing

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ABOUT THE COMPANY. VeloPRO Baseball is owned and operated by Jim Parque who developed the VeloLOAD Training System. Jim is a former 2-time All-American at UCLA, a 1st-round draft pick of the White Sox, and played for 6 years in the big leagues. Currently Jim runs a baseball / softball facility training athletes for NCAA programs, Pro Ball, and youth athletes as well. Jim and his team have placed over 450 athletes into NCAA or Pro programs. WHAT SETS THE VeloLOAD TRAINING SYSTEM APART FROM OTHER TRAINING SYSTEMS AND PRODUCTS? 1. VeloPRO Baseball is a fully integrated player development system for baseball or softball that provides product AND TRAINING. And we back it all up with a 100% performance satisfaction guaranty. No one else offers this because their training or products may not work on everyone. VeloPRO's does and we guaranty it! 2. Our Velocity LOAD Harness is MOVEMENT based, rather than mechanical based. The difference between 'movement' and 'mechanic' is that movement is the root cause of any mechanical deficiency. Reason being is that energy is what hitters and pitchers are trying to move, and if you are efficient in such, you peak your performance. Mechanics are robotic steps within a move. VeloPRO Baseball trains the entire move - rather than one step in the process. 3. VeloPRO Baseball Player Development combines on field MLB and NCAA defined playing and coaching expertise with scientific theorem based training. Unlike most training systems that utilize scientific theory and/or lack MLB on field expertise, VeloPRO Baseball provides it all in a simplified and "easy to understand" training process. Additionally, our training does NOT clump, but is age and skill level specific. "Looking forward to using it with my players. When I tested it out myself, the bat speed increase was crazy! And I am old school, don’t like tools and gimmicks. This is the real deal” Experienced baseball coach


  • Optimizes an athletes' ability to hit a ball harder, longer, and straighter as well as throw a ball faster, further, and more accurately. Pitchers will see increases in velocity, plane, off speed break, off speed velocity, reduced drag arm, sink on fastball, delivery efficiencies, and command. Hitters are experiencing gains in power, exit velocities, hand speed, plate coverage, and swing efficiencies.
  • FAST PERFORMANCE RESULTS. Within 3 weeks or less. Enables proper body movement by optimizes one's KCR which allows greater productivity on the field WHILE ENHANCING SAFETY FOR THE PLAYER.
  • Optimize Performance AND Safety
  • Product deployed by 6 MLB Orgs, 50+ NCAA baseball programs, 6 NCAA Softball programs.
  • EASY TO USE. One Size Fits All. Strap up, step in, and clip on. 1-2-3!!! The VL Harness is from 20" to 42" pant waist sizes. Foot straps are universal fits. The bungees will stretch out to 41".

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