Vanilla Bean Paste for Baking - Heilala Vanilla, the Choice of World's Best Chefs & Bakers, Using Sustainable, Ethically Sourced Vanilla, Hand-Selected from Polynesia, 2.29 oz

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Our Story to Your Table:
Some of the world's best products rise from necessity, and Heilala Vanilla's Award-Winning Vanilla products are an exceptional example.

Heilala Vanilla was started by the Ross family as an aid project in 2002 after a cyclone ravaged the Kingdom of Tonga, a chain of islands in the South Pacific (Polynesia). The New Zealand family partnered with a family in the village of Utungake to establish a small vanilla plantation.

As a result, they have provided employment and infrastructure, making a significant impact on the Tongan economy - especially among its female employees.

The World's Most Awarded Vanilla:
Muti-award winning 100% Pure Vanilla! Heilala Vanilla continues to be honored by the food industry, with multiple awards celebrating its journey to becoming a gourmet, premium ingredient brand. Heilala Vanilla has secured a position, globally recognized for our strong ethical connections to our supply chains and our customers.

World-Renowned Chefs Know - It's About the Flavor:
"I like to use ingredients that create a noticeable difference in simple foods..." - Chef Ken Takayama Mélisse Restaurant, California

"The intoxicating aroma and taste of Heilala Vanilla make my dishes come alive with flavor..." - Chef Jamie Gwen, USA

"Heilala is a unique bean in every aspect, and that's why I use them. Everything from a true family started farm to the rich and powerful aroma and flavor of the bean. To me, these are some of the best vanilla beans on the planet." - Stephanie Prida - Pastry Chef, The Pool & The Grill NYC

Try It for Yourself:
Heilala Vanilla's Vanilla Bean Paste is your Chef's choice for gourmet vanilla for baking pastries and breakfast masterpieces to homemade vanilla ice cream. Try some today and find out why chefs and home bakers alike rely on Heilala Vanilla's pure vanilla bean paste.


  • 1 tsp vanilla paste = 1 vanilla bean or 1 tsp of vanilla extract | The pure, true vanilla flavor of Heilala Vanilla is combined with vanilla bean seeds making it the perfect alternative to Tahitian or Madagascar vanilla bean pastes.
  • PURE VANILLA EXTRACT + REAL SEEDS FROM A VANILLA POD - Crafted using pure vanilla extract and real seeds from the vanilla pod, Heilala Vanilla Pure Vanilla Bean Paste has a consistency similar to maple syrup and allows you to add a potent vanilla flavor to any recipe that requests vanilla.
  • HAS MANY APPLICATIONS AND USES - It is perfect in all baking such as cakes, puddings, cookies as well as light colored desserts including custards, ice cream, shortbread, crème brulee and whipped cream to showcase the seeds alongside the full vanilla flavor.
  • EASY & CONVENIENT - This 2.29 oz jar is equivalent to 12 flavorful organically grown vanilla beans. To replace vanilla extract in a recipe, simply measure the same amount of vanilla paste and add. One teaspoon of Heilala Vanilla paste is also the equivalent to one vanilla pod or bean.
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - This rich, concentrated paste contains Vanilla Bean Extract, Alcohol, Vanilla Bean Seeds, Sugar (5%) and Natural Thickener. No artificial preservatives, fillers or flavors. Gluten Free. Kosher certified. Nutritionally superior, Heilala Vanilla is a good source of essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

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