Vacplus Moisture Absorber Packets, Fragrance Free(15 Pack), Humidity Packs, Hanging Closet Dehumidifier Bags, Moisture Absorb 9.8OZ

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How does the moisture affect your life: 1. Issues with closets/room smelling musty. 2. Clothes get damp even after thoroughly drying. 3. Water gets into car and fog up the inside of windows overnight. 4. Humidity in some countries is extremely high, so it damages everything quickly. 5. When it rains cars/rooms have a weird smell. How to avoid the moisture: Use Vacplus hanging absorbers anywhere needs dry air: Closet, basement, vehicle, closed room, laundry room, garage and more! How to use Vacplus moisture absorbers: 1. Open the package right before the use. 2. Use the hook to hang the moisture absorber and allow enough space for air circulation. 3. White crystals will absorb moisture in the air and become water and accumulate in the bottom of the bag. 4. When the crystals completely disappear, it's time to replace the hanging moisture absorber 9.8OZ. 5. Discard the whole bag in trash while holding the bag upright.


  • EFFECTIVE DEHUMIDIFICATION: Vacplus moisture absorbers feature spherical calcium chloride particles to enlarge the contact area with moisture, which can attract and absorb excess moisture more quickly. With a large capacity of 9.8-oz calcium chloride, just one moisture absorber bag can keep a room dry for a long time. Moreover, dehumidifier bags are designed with a premium one-way moisture-permeable paper that will securely lock the moisture inside.
  • VISIBLE DEHUMIDIFYING PROCESS: There is a transparent moisture collecting bag in the lower half of Vacplus humidity absorber hanging bags. When the calcium chloride particles absorb the moisture, the particles will agglomerate into lumps and finally dissolve into water flowing into the moisture collecting bag. Thus, you can observe the moisture absorption in real-time by the collected water in the transparent bag.
  • EASY OPERATION: Vacplus humidity absorber bags are simple to use! All you need to do is remove the outer plastic bag and hang it in the damp space where excess moisture is an issue. Then, you can enjoy a dry and comfortable indoor environment for a long time. By the way, when the particles in the moisture remover bag are completely dissolved, just replace the bag with a new one to keep the room dry and the air fresh.
  • UNSCENTED DESIGN: No more worries about being surrounded by the unpleasant smell. Vacplus unscented moisture absorber bags are free from artificial essence while they still can create a comfortable environment in a natural and safe way. That is, they can effectively remove the musty smell by absorbing excess moisture. Fragrance-free dehumidifier bags allow you to live a green, safe, and energy-saving life.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Vacplus safe moisture absorber bags are suitable for most enclosed space, such as closets, cabinets, basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, and even boats and RVs. These dehumidifier bags feature an easy-to-hang hook, taking up just a little space in your room. The hanging moisture absorber bags make the dehumidification simpler, effectively protecting your clothes and valuable stuff from humidity.

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