Uterus: A new perspective

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Product Description ♥ Loved by Midwives & Doulas ♥Described by birth workers and educators as "Magnificent," "An important staple of the midwifery library," and "Tremendously enlightening." A uniquely sensitive and accurate professional tool for birth workers and women's health educators. This book offers captivating depictions of the uterus and related systems such as the suspensory, nervous and cardiovascular systems. This simple yet nuanced guide helps women better visualize the uterus and its surroundings. Additionally, it includes compassionate illustrations depicting common uterine health issues such as fibroids, endometriosis, and prolapse followed by some current available treatments.This book is a valuable addition to any reference library for professionals and non-professionals alike. Review ★★★★★ "This is a uniquely accessible and lucid guide for anyone looking to gain enhanced visualization of the female anatomy. I found the respectful portrayal of the female body - like the fact that women are presented sitting upright - just as refreshing as the amazing attention to detail and coherent explanations. I take it with me wherever I go and make extensive use of it in lectures to midwives, prenatal education courses and 'moon-circles' with adolescent and pre-adolescent girls." -Michal Rosen, Midwife, RN CNM. M.A. Women's and Gender Studies Founder, Cura Clinic Tel Aviv for Well Women Care. Lecturer and caregiver. ★★★★★ "Beautiful, well thought, sensitive and inspiring. A humanistic anatomy perspective." -Karine Kedar, Midwife ★★★★★  "An amazing educational reference, the illustrations are simple yet powerful demonstrating the structure and function of the uterus. Just amazing!" -Diane MacDonald, RN MSN Program Administrator and Certified Instructor The Arvigo Institute, LLC From the Author Love is what lead me to the creation of this book. The process was much like a birth itself. Every illustration you see here has an invisible back story of long hours spent with a pelvis in my hands, drawing and re-drawing. Collecting real stories from real women about their experiences as uterus owners. Flying across continents to witness live surgeries. Holding a freshly removed, still warm uterus in my hands after a hysterectomy. Getting special access to a cadaver at a research institution in the Netherlands where I respectfully investigated a woman's former body. All consumed Nights and weekends hunched over anatomical atlases, peer-reviewed research and preserved anatomical models. Sketch after sketch, meeting after meeting with my anatomist mentors - did I get this right? Then came the finalization of the drawings and digital painting. This book was a product of love. I hope it will be used for women's highest good, elevating through education and understanding. ♥ From the Inside Flap These pages are filled with anatomically accurate illustrations, which explore the Uterus with compassion and respect, using an approachable language and common terms. The illustrations are a valuable tool for all women, midwives, doulas, educators and women's health care professionals, and anyone interested in knowing about the experience of a uterus owner. The book's content is underpinned by high-quality sources, including: anatomical atlases, latest research in peer-reviewed articles, live surgery viewings and anatomical dissections. The writing of this book was supervised by anatomists and faculty at ZUYD University in The Netherlands, as well as by leading surgeons from the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. From the Back Cover From self study to patient education, this illustration-rich guide will help the reader acquire mental clarity about how the organs really look inside the pelvis. Enjoy this humanistic anatomical perspective with its respectful and refreshing portrayal of the female body. About the Author At the age of six, Jessica M. Koren was watching birthing videos on repeat to prep

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