USDA Certified Organic Probiotic All Purpose Cleaning Concentrate, Lemongrass 16.9 fl. oz. - Ultra Concentrated Multi Surface Cleaner, Cleaning Spray Refill, Kitchen and Household Cleaner by SCD Probiotics (1 Pack)

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At SCD Probiotics, we believe that the products that power of our lives shouldn’t deteriorate or endanger our health, or the health of the planet we call home. We’re on a mission to restore balance and nourish health through the safe, sustainable, and effective power of probiotics. For our Probiotic All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate, we paired probiotics + the all natural postbiotic cleaners they create to make an ultra concentrated, dirt-busting, biodegradable cleaner that’s also safe and gentle for you, your loved ones, your home, and our planet home. Here’s our squeaky-clean ingredients list: Water, I3 Probiotics (Lactic Acid Bacteria Cultures), Beneficial Postbiotics from Fermentation Brew, and Organic Lemongrass/Lavender Essential Oil. SCD Probiotic All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate is safe, effective, and simple to use -- and using one concentrate to make your household cleaner, kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, countertop cleaner, and more saves both money and resources. 1 bottle of our concentrate will make 2 gallons, or 16 16-oz bottles, of ready-to-use cleaning spray. For general all-purpose cleaning, dilute 2 Tbsp. of concentrate with I6 oz filtered water. For larger volumes, dilute I cup of concentrate with I gallon filtered water. Spray directly on surface to break down messes and grime, then wipe clean with your favorite cleaning cloth. No rinse required. Test on an inconspicuous spot first. Safe when used as directed. Try our full line of natural cleaning products and probiotics for human, animal, plant, and soil health.


  • MICROSCOPIC CLEANING FOR A HEALTHY HOME: Hard-working probiotics + postbiotics do the dirty work of household cleaning for you, getting down to the microscopic level to break down and eat up grime, dirt, and odors.
  • SAFE FOR FOOD, KIDS, BABIES, & PETS: a squeaky-clean ingredients list adds up to a biodegradable cleaning concentrate that’s simple to dilute and safe to use on food contact surfaces and around kids and pets.
  • FREE FROM: Petroleum, Sulfates, Phthalates, Parabens, Triclosan, Ammonia, Bleach, Formaldehyde, Phosphates, and Quats. 0% Synthetic Fragrances or Dyes. VEGAN & Not Tested on Animals. Made in the USA.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE & SUSTAINABLE: Dilute, refill, and repeat. 1 bottle of our multipurpose cleaner concentrate makes 16 16-oz bottles of ready-to-use multi surface cleaner spray. Use as a general household cleaner, including as a kitchen cleaner and counter cleaner.
  • SKIN FRIENDLY: Unlike other cleaners that use harsh detergents and toxic chemicals, SCD Probiotics All Purpose Cleaning Concentrate won’t strip your skin’s protective barrier as you clean.

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It's not a good time to buy now, there's a 31% probability this price will decrease. Our advice is to Watch it.

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