URBNFit Balance Board - Core Trainer - Increase Stability, Strength and Flexibility - Ballet and Dance Trainer

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One Tool For All Your Balance and Core Exercises

Have you always wished for a single, fitness device that could do wonders for you?

It's here: And its name is URBNFit Wooden Balance Board.

The most incredibly effective, portable and fun fitness equipment that promises to rock your workout routine.

Tone your abs, strengthen your lower back muscles, increase your balance, boost your sporting performance, improve your reaction time, reduce the risk of injuries, aid your recovery, shape your whole body and so much more.

It is simply amazing; there is nothing that this brilliant device can't do for you.

Wobble That Body

How does it work? It's simple.

The wobble effect causes the body to try and maintain balance while on the board, thus engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

While this is happening, its round, wooden, anti-slip surface provides a strong grip for absolute safety.

Take your regular exercises to a whole new level by combining them with this amazing wooden balance board and reap manifold positive benefits.

A Must Have for All Sports and Rehabilitation Centers

URBNFit wooden balance board can help protect one from injuries and ensure a speedy return to sport, making it the single best training tool for recovering athletes or patients recuperating from knee and ankle surgery.

Your Own Fitness Studio At Home

Thanks to its compact and convenient design, the wooden balance board is 100% portable and easy to carry everywhere.

Being small and space saving, it is a great option for anyone looking for a multi-function exercise tool to use at home.


  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN AT ITS BEST: Originally created for surfers, this balance training board is a complete fitness studio of its own. Designed to make balance training fun and affordable to all, it promises fantastic results: STRENGTHEN YOUR LOWER BACK, INCREASE BALANCE and COORDINATION, BOOST YOUR SPORTS PERFORMANCE and SCULPT THE MOST FABULOUS 6 PACK.
  • USE ON ANY SURFACE: With its special ANTI-SKID SURFACE offering a super STRONG GRIP, this brilliant wooden balance board can safely be used everywhere. COMPACT and SMALL, it is also perfectly PORTABLE and easy to take with you wherever you go.
  • ULTRA VERSATILE DEVICE: Perfect for GENERAL FITNESS, STRENGTH TRAINING, FULL BODY SHAPING and REHAB EXERCISE, there is absolutely nothing that this incredible device can't do for you. Whether you're a professional athlete or simply a sports enthusiast, this round, wooden miracle will ROCK YOUR FITNESS ROUTINE.
  • FOR ALL AGES AND FITNESS LEVELS: Thanks to its simple design and mechanics, this amazing fitness gear is perfectly suitable for ALL AGE GROUPS and FITNESS LEVELS. Include it in your daily workout to improve your posture, boost your athletic performance, strengthen your core, or REDUCE THE RISK OF INJURIES, after surgeries or accidents.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Adhering to URBNFit high quality standards, you can rest assured that this wooden balance board is a VALUE FOR MONEY purchase and sure to meet with 100% satisfaction. Given our unconditional money back guarantee and excellent customer service, you can now buy with confidence, knowing that the money you pay, is money well spent.

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Urbnfit Balance Board Core Trainer Increase Stabil, is it available on Amazon?

Yes! But at Pricepulse we inform you when is the lowest price to buy the Urbnfit Balance Board Core Trainer Increase Stabil

Should I buy the Urbnfit Balance Board Core Trainer Increase Stabil now?

It's unlikely to find significant changes in price, we expect this product to remain within its Average price. Our advice is Buy now.

What is the current price of Urbnfit Balance Board Core Trainer Increase Stabil?

Its current price is $27.97

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The lowest historical price was $19.19