Uno Casa Pasta Maker - Stainless Steel Pasta Roller Noodle Maker Machine - Durable Pasta Roller with Pasta Cutter and Ravioli Mold - Recipe E-Book Included

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Fresh pasta is the best kind of pasta. And what’s a better way to experience, rather than making it yourself? The Uno Casa pasta maker is a perfect way to experience restaurant-grade fresh pasta at the comfort of your own home. Made out of high-quality stainless steel and food-grade aluminum that is crafted to perfection and built to last, this pasta machine will bring you joy and great noodles for years to come. And during them, you’ll have an opportunity to try making all sorts of amazing pasta dishes and virtually all kinds of shapes. After all, this noodle machine comes with a two-setting pasta cutter, nine thickness options, and also includes a pasta cutting wheel and a ravioli mold, allowing you to explore the world of pasta making to its fullest extent. And that’s not all - the rough surface of the rollers will help your pasta be just a bit more porous, making sure it dries out evenly and absorbs the beautiful taste of sauces as good as possible. Not sure where to start and whether you have what it takes to master the art of pasta making? We got your back. With every purchase of this Uno Casa pasta maker, we’ll include a digital cookbook, filled with many great recipes, as well as various tips and tricks that will help make your pasta perfect every time - such as a secret to a perfect pasta dough! If you’re looking to turn your home kitchen into a beautiful pasta making station, this lightweight pasta machine is just right for you. Impress your friends and family with beautiful homemade pasta dishes!


  • 💯 TOUGH MATERIALS, BUILT TO LAST. Made out of stainless steel and aluminum, the Uno Casa Pasta Maker is a reliable kitchen partner for years to come. The simple metal frame is easy to put together, as well as clean up. And the sharp aluminum rollers on this pasta machine are perfect for cutting pasta to perfect shape, with no risk of chipping or leaving metal residue.
  • 👌 MAKE YOUR DOUGH AS THIN AS YOU WANT. With 9 thickness settings, from paper-thin 1/30” to a solid 1/5’’, you’ll be able to use this pasta machine to roll out your dough just the way you want. Change the texture and the taste of the pasta to suit whatever culinary masterpiece you’re making - from thin lasagna sheets to thick linguine dough! The options with this pasta maker are limitless!
  • 🍜 MAKE 3 DIFFERENT TYPES OF PASTA. With the Uno Casa pasta maker machine, you’ll have a choice of 3 main pasta width options. You can use the wide 6” dough sheets for all your lasagna and shaped pasta needs, choose to make 1/4’’ in wide fettuccine with the pasta maker cutter, or switch to the pasta maker cutters alternative setting for 1/12’’ thick spaghetti. All done for you by the pasta maker, with no additional manual work required.
  • 🍝 SMOOTH PASTA MAKING EXPERIENCE. The spacers included in the rollers ensure that the dough is both easy to roll, and doesn’t tear or squeeze through. On top of that, the rough surface of the rollers is there not only to make your pasta rolling experience more simple and consistent, the surface of this pasta roller will also make the noodles more porous, meaning your noodles will absorb sauces and flavors better!
  • ✅ MAKE AMAZING PASTA WITH INCLUDED ACCESSORIES! In the box, you’ll also find a ravioli mold and a pasta cutter, to help make the process of producing various types of pasta even easier. A digital cookbook is also included with each purchase, and it’s filled with all sorts of great recipes, and cooking tips - such as the secrets of a perfect pasta dough. Surprise your friends and family with stuffed ravioli, farfalle, cavatelli, and many more brilliant pasta options!

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