TVOOD Dog Poop Bags(420 Count), Biodegradable Poop Bags for Dogs, Leak Proof, Eco-Friendly Dog Waste Disposal Bags Refill Rolls with 2 Free Dispenser (Scented)

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🐕 When you walk a dog, it's very easy for the dog to relieve itself everywhere. This will not only affect the environment, but also your mood, and it will be very embarrassing. This dog bags for poop can not only solve this problem, but also reflect the noble quality of your protection environment. 💓 Additionally, WE WILL GIVE BACK - a portion of every purchase goes to helping Animal Rescues & No-Kill Shelters. We are pet lovers and we believe in doing everything we can to protect them as well as the environment. PRODUCT FEATURES: 🌲Easy to carry A roll of large eco friendly dog poop bags only 25g. Additionally, the dispenser has a carabiner for connecting the leash, which can be conveniently carried in case of need when you go out. 🌲Easy tear-off design Breakpoint design, so you can easy to open and tear off from the roll even. Don’t struggle and waste time with other pet waste bags that are so hard to tear off. 🌲Multi-purpose Portable scented doggie poop bags for all size of dogs, also can be used for cat poop clean up, baby dirty diapers, food scraps, or car litter disposing. 🌲Convenient and practical Go out to walk with the dog will no longer feel embarrassed for the dog's poop, with a pet litter bag directly pick up dog's waste into the trash can be, also will keep your hands clean. 🌲Fresh Scent Let's be real, no one likes the smell of poop (except maybe your doggie).Our scented poop bags refill rolls have a unique smell that works well to mask the smell of poop. 🌲Waterproof Extra coating ensures that water stays out and odors stay in. And totally leak-proof. 🌲Free Dispenser Each roll of waste bags fits perfectly into the included easy dispenser. This dispenser keeps your bags safe and also features a carabiner for easy carrying during walks.


  • <p><b>🌏【EARTH FRIENDLY】</b>-- Our dog waste bags are of high quality. The bags are degradable and are friendly to the environment. The material will degrade at the end of its useful life in the presence of oxygen much more quickly than ordinary plastic. Additionally, we use recycled materials in our packaging and roll cores because of details matter.</p>
  • <p><b>✅【Main Material】</b>-- WE FOCUS ON QUALITY, our biodegradable poop bag is made of environmentally friendly material, which is biodegradable so as to help to protect the environment - Naturally degrades over the course of 12 to 18 months. Simply put, our poop bags do good - for you, your pet, and planet earth!</p>
  • <p><b>💪【Perfect Leak-Proof】</b>-- 9 x13 inches pet waste bags are completely leak-proof, you don't have to worry about these secretions getting into your hands. The biodegradable waste bags is thick enough to hold more excrement and keep your hands clean, which can help you no longer fall into embarrassment or bad mood after pickups.</p>
  • <p><b>🐶【EASY TO USE】</b>-- The dog poop bag is with good toughness and breakpoint design. Easy to tear off. Easy to pick up or remove pet poop and leak-proof dog waste bags guarantee to keep your hands safe. Included two reusable dispensers with a carabiner-style clip, easy to attach the dispenser to a leash securely.</p>
  • <p><b>😍【SUPER VALUE PACK】</b>-- Our poop bags are ideal for all dogs regardless of the size, age, or breed. You get a pack of 21 refill rolls consisting of 20 pieces each to keep you going for up to 5 months. Get more value for money(Less than $0.1 per day) with our high-quality pet poop bags. </p>

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