Turbie Twist Cotton Hair Towel Wrap for Women and Men, 10 inch X 24.5 inch, Super Absorbent Terry Cloth Hair Turban (Teal)

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Cotton is a natural fiber with a long history of associations with luxury and royalty - it's no surprise why. Requiring immense skill to weave, the finest cotton towels and linens were as soft, supple, and breathable as aristocracy's other favorite fabric, silk. Cotton achieves its smoothness and silkiness by very tightly weaving the fibers together, meaning that more cotton is needed to make softer towels. Today, finely woven cotton, known as high thread count cotton, still commands a premium price. That's why terry cloth, the type of weaving found in your bath towels, is so popular. It creates the softness, with added plush and absorbency without requiring a dense weave. Don't mistake terry cloth bath towels for a cotton hair towel, however. To achieve that soft and plushy feeling, terry cloth relies on its fibers being wider apart. The result is a coarser texture that can wreak havoc on your hair in the form of frizz, dried tips, and a waterlogged scalp. All of these problems create dryness, itching, and a messy head later. Cotton hair towels are quite different from cotton bath towels. For one thing, they're a third to half the size of a bath towel. These much smaller towels can take advantage of their size to utilize high thread count cotton without becoming overly expensive. The hyper-absorbent qualities of cotton mean that you don't actually need that much towel to dry your hair - especially when you're talking about high thread count cotton. It's a smaller towel, but it's higher quality cotton. It's the best of both worlds and your hair benefits as a result. Cotton hair towels fall into the natural hair care product category. Unlike synthetic fibers like polyester, cotton doesn't require fossil fuels to manufacture and it doesn't introduce microparticles into the environment as it breaks down. Fully biodegradable, this plant-based product is seeing a tremendous emphasis on the development of sustainable and ecologically friendly practices.


  • DISCOVER THE LUXURY OF PURE 100% COTTON: Cotton is a natural fiber that is spun into an ultra-luxurious cloth that’s breathable and moisture-wicking. The thick and soft properties of cotton add a touch of spa elegance to this Turbie Twist hair towel while still drying your hair quickly. The Turbie Twist hair towel stays securely over your wet hair to allow you to put on your makeup, get dressed, or indulge in some spa-style pampering.
  • PLUSH & LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: No more neck strain from bulky bath towels! Go about your morning routine while drying your hair. Now, you can enjoy the opulence of a spa right at home with the Turbie Twist cotton hair towel. Wrap your hair in the luxurious cotton and indulge in some well-deserved pampering. The ultra-wicking cotton and the Turbie Twist design will take your morning — or evening — routine to the next level.
  • RAPID DRYING: Cuts down on drying time, reducing heat damage (and laundry)! The absorbent properties of cotton make it great for wicking moisture away. Less moisture means less drying time — and that translates into healthier hair. Over-exposure to heat from blow-dryers contributes to frizziness and damage.
  • TWIST AND LOOP: A strong elastic loop is easy to use and keeps the Turbie Twist hair turban towel secure on your head - it won't fall off! We’ve simplified your search for the perfect hair towel wrap by doing all the hard work to find the perfect hair towel size. 25 years of experimenting with materials, shapes, and sizes have helped us develop the perfect hair towel that doesn’t leave too much material unused or not enough space to adequately wrap your hair. Perfect for getting kids ready.
  • NATURAL FIBERS: With natural products being so popular these days in health and beauty, many people prefer a cotton hair towel simply because it’s not synthetic. Both cotton and microfiber make fantastic hair towels, but cotton does have a slightly lower environmental footprint. Unlike microfiber, cotton is biodegradable and doesn’t involve the use of chemicals to make. Plus, with a 100 percent cotton hair towel, you’ll know exactly what’s in the fabric – cotton. Nothing else.

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