True Made Foods Original Veracha, Vegetable Sriracha, Whole 30 Compliant, Paleo Certified, Non-Gmo, Sugar-Free, 18 Oz. Glass Bottle

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Product Description Ketchup is back and better than ever. True Made Vegetable Ketchup is a Paleo Friendly Ketchup in a category all by itself. True Made Foods has created the healthiest ketchup on the market. What’s so different? We added vegetables to our ketchup. Specifically, we added spinach, carrots, butternut squash, turning this once empty calorie American staple into a nutrient dense super food. Naturally sweetened by our vegetables, True Made Ketchup has 50% of the added sugar of most other brands! What else is amazing? The taste. True Made Ketchup tastes like Ketchup is supposed to taste. True Made Ketchup is healthier than even the most pretentious gourmet brand, but has that great American ketchup flavor you know and love. From the Manufacturer Vegetable Ketchup - real vegetables in every bottle At True Made Foods, we removed the corn syrup and added vegetables instead. Over 20% of our ingredients are real, pureed spinach, carrots and butternut squash - straight from family farms and cooked into our True Made Vegetable Ketchup. The result is a delicious, 100% natural ketchup that is naturally sweetened by the carrots and butternut squash, allowing us to cut the added sugar in half while retaining a real ketchup flavor. The addition of these super food vegetables also adds tons of nutrition to what was once an empty-calorie food. Our ketchup has 5x the Vitamin A of any other ketchup per serving and our ketchup has potassium, Vitamin K and Magnesium - claims no other ketchup can make. Real Flavor from Real Vegetables. Lastly our carrots and butternut squash come from family farms in North Carolina where the under-sized and "ugly" vegetables are pureed to reduce food waste and create extra income streams for our vegetable farmers. Paleo Friendly Ketchup A Paleo Friendly Ketchup that actually tastes like ketchup. No tricks, artificial sweeteners, agave or honey in our ketchup - just vegetables and half the sugar of regular ketchup. The extreme simplicity and natural ingredients of our ketchup makes it both delicious and a paleo friendly ketchup. Certified by the Paleo Foundation. Real Flavor from Real Vegetables. Half the Sugar of Leading Brands True Made Vegetable Ketchup only has two grams of sugar (2g) per serving (1 TBS) compared to all the leading brands, including the natural and organic brands, that have four grams (4g) per serving. True Made Vegetable Ketchup uses vegetables to naturally sweeten the ketchup, creating the healthiest, most natural ketchup on the market. Half the sugar. All the taste. Real Flavor from Real Vegetables. Award Winning Ketchup Flavor! The Supermarket Guru: Now this is ketchup! It is probably the best I've ever had! No HFCS....and besides tomatoes the ketchup contains butternut squash, carrot and spinach purees along with a simple blend of spices. Only 10 calories per tablespoon with no fat, 45 mg of sodium and 2 grams of sugars. One taste and you will never go back to the you know who brand. Veteran Owned and American Made The vast majority of the ingredients in our Vegetable Ketchup are American grown and made. Our Tomatoes come from California. Our Butternut Squash and Carrots are from North Carolina. Our Spinach is from Oregon. Our bottles come from Arkansas. We're based in Virginia. Born in NY and cooked in Kentucky. True Made Foods is a Veteran owned and operated company. Vegetable Ketchup. Half the Sugar. Paleo Friendly. Award Winning Taste. True Made Foods is making American food healthy. We create real flavor by using real vegetables and drastically cut back on sugar, turning empty-calorie American staples into nutrient dense powerhouses. If food isn’t nutritious, it’s not food. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. Healthy, Delicious Ketchup. How did you come up with the idea for this product? America’s favorite sauces are drowning in sugar. As


  • NUTRIENT DENSE: Vegetable Sriracha made with tomatoes, carrots, spinach, butternut squash, and jalapenos.
  • NATURAL: A zero calorie sauce made from vegetables with no artificial ingredients. Whole 30 Compliant, Paleo Certified, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and Vegan
  • SUGAR FREE: Our Veracha is 100% Sugar Free. We removed the sugar and added spinach, carrots and butternut squash
  • VERSATILE: Veracha makes every dish better! We put it on everything from eggs to sandwiches to curry dishes!
  • FLAVORFUL: Not quite as spicy as some others, we add pureed jalapeos and a dash of cayenne to give our Veracha a kick, but the complex flavors of our vegetables help dampen the heat. The flavor starts light and natural and ends with a nice heat that will have you coming back for more. Go ahead and try it, we dare you not to like it.

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