Tropical Sensual Massage Oil for Couples - Complete Relaxation Full Body Massage Oil for Date Night with Smooth Gliding Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil with Mango Scent - Non GMO Gluten Free and Vegan

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Relax and let go, escape and reconnect with your partner through a sensual tantalizing massage with our exotic edible Tropical Massage Oil. Our fruity flavored sensual massage oil will leave your skin glowing, rejuvenated, and nourished while relaxing your muscles and relieving minor aches and pains.

This bottle of natural goodness is specially formulated with remarkable benefits to improve the overall health of your skin. It is safe for all skin types including people with sensitive skin. Our erotic massage oil will leave you satisfied with its natural blend of botanical nourishing oils including:

  • Sweet almond oil will leave your skin smooth and flawless. Almond Oil is naturally endowed with antioxidants and vitamin E and gets fully absorbed by the skin. It will soften your skin, lessen dark circles under the eyes, decrease fine lines and wrinkles caused by sun damage, smoking, and other environmental stresses. It can also help prevent blemishes by remove dirt from follicles and pores
  • Jojoba oil matches the natural sebum of the skin and therefore can help control oily skin by reducing the body's natural sebum production. It is a great remedy for chapped skin, cracked feet, and dry hands and cuticles. As with almond oil, jojoba oil can also reduce the effects of sun damage
  • Coconut oil is incredibly moisturizing and packed with antioxidants. With anti aging properties, it will leave your skin baby soft and smelling great. By softening hardened sebum, coconut oil also makes a great skin cleanser. It helps with exfoliation and acts as a shield for the skin by protecting it from damaging environmental entities.
  • Vitamin E protects the skin leaving it looking younger looking and radiant. It improves dry skin and can help scars. With its anti aging properties it will also reduce signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles
  • Aside from its health benefits, our therapeutic massage oil is made with natural ingredients.


    • DE-STRESS WITH THIS NATURAL STRESS RELIEVER therapeutic massage oil. Our tropical flavored relaxing massage oil is naturally flavored for an enhanced sensual experience while relieving aches and pains
    • MOISTURIZE DRY SKIN with emollient sweet almond oil and coconut oil. This antioxidant rich vitamin E oil is a natural skin protectant reducing fine lines and wrinkles and leaving your skin so soft
    • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE we stand by our products and take customer satisfaction seriously. A full refund will be provided for your purchase if you are not satisfied with our skin soothing massage oil
    • NATURAL SKIN HYDRATION jojoba oil is a great skin firming and anti cellulite oil when massaged into the skin. This exotic blend of natural carrier oils will leave your skin calm young and radiant
    • AROMATHERAPIST RECOMMENDED massage therapy oil skin enhancer will leave your body relaxed and your complexion beautiful. Made with all natural ingredients this product is cruelty free and made in USA

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