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The ingenious Automatic Wine Preserver is designed to restore the headspace of Champagne or wine to the pressure that existed in the bottle before uncorking – letting you savor your wine or champagne in your own time without worrying about it going off. To save any opened bottles of wine, simply position the Wine Preserver over the bottle of plunk in question and push down gently; the battery-operated pump will work automatically to remove up to 75-Percent of the air inside, slowing the oxidation process and ensuring limited loss of flavor, color or fizz. What's more, thanks to the Wine Pressurizer's continuous digital temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit, you can easily store your wine in exactly the right conditions. When you want to remove the Pressurizer - simply hold down the Pressure Release Button on the front of the unit. Once the Pressure Indicator Button on top of the device is fully in the upright position, you can easily ‘uncork' the Pressurizer and enjoy your perfectly preserved plunk.


  • Vacuum pump removes up to 75% of the air from open bottles
  • Locks in fizz, color, flavor and freshness for approximately 7 days
  • Two mode temperature gauge: Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Blue back-lit LED display
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
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