The Ultimate Cloth, Mirafiber - Advanced Cleaning Cloth Reusable, EcoFriendly Chemical Free, Superior Multi-Surface Cloth 5 Pack Medium Size White

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Advanced Microfiber Technology: endless microfilaments split 30x's smaller than human hair are hydro-entangled to create a unique, worldwide patented fabric called Mirafiber. This process creates open spaces that act as millions of tiny 'scoops' that pull dirt, oil & other contaminants into the cloth and hold them until washed away with soap or detergent. Water simply acts as a 'lubricant' to help emulsify dirt & oil making it easier for MiraFiber to effectively clean surfaces.Made: in USA and Imported.Color: Classic White & Available in Bright ColorsDimension: 13.5 X 15.5 w/our signature rounded corners. Available in large 15.5X19.5.Weight: Lightweight but tough! Texture: Unlike many microfibers, the Ultimate Cloth’s advanced technology produces a nice, smooth finish that can feel somewhat stiff initially. This does not alter its effectiveness and will quickly soften with use and washing.Sizes: Ultimate Cloth Colors available in medium only. Classic Whites come in medium and large (BadBoy). Results:-Windows, mirrors, glass sparkle-Effortlessly, keeps stainless, granite, marble looking great-Makes cleaning bathrooms a breeze-Removes soap scum, hairspray, toothpaste spatter-Easily keeps eyewear, cell phones and TV, computer & tablet screens dust & smudge-freeDirections:Easy! Wet cloth w/water, wring out well, wipe your surface. Scoops up dirt, grease, grime and other contaminants & traps them in the cloth - leaves behind a sparkling clean finish.For Stainless Steel: Ultimate Cloth will keep your stainless steel gleaming like new. No more expensive and frustrating cleaners, this is the best stainless steel cleaner! If you have been using a silicone based Stainless Steel cleaner on your appliance, please do email us for more details


  • MEDIUM SIZED HIGH QUALITY MULTI-SURFACE MICROFIBER CLOTHS - The ultimate microfiber kitchen cloth with a multitude of uses - cleans windows & mirrors, marble & granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, flat topped stoves, porcelain, fiberglass, wood, leather, led & flat screens, windshields & motorcycle windscreens. Keep multiples for your home, business, car, etc. Perfect microfiber cloth for your ipad, smartphone and electronics.
  • REVOLUTIONARY ONE STEP CLEANING MICROFIBER FABRIC CLOTHS- Our premium microfiber cleans, dries & polishes in one easy step. Takes seconds to easily remove oil and fingerprints with just one quick swipe. Extremely soft, high-quality microfiber material absorbs and removes all dirt. Unique nylon/polymer blend of millions of threads scoop up dirt, grease, and grime dampened with water alone. Simply rinse and reuse; wash when dirty.
  • STREAK FREE, SCRATCH FREE, SPOT & LINT FREE FINISH - UltimateCloth microfiber cleaning cloths are 100% safe for any surface and leave absolutely no residue or lint behind. Will not rip, tear, or fray and contains no stitching that may scratch your fine, delicate surfaces. Once you try our microfiber polishing cloth you'll never want to clean with anything else. No more paper towel waste! Save time, effort and money while protecting the environment with these microfiber cleaning cloths.
  • REUSABLE, ECONOMICAL & ECO FRIENDLY CLEANING SUPPLIES- Our eco cleaning cloths are chemical free and also need no harsh chemicals to clean effectively. By eliminating most paper towel use, an Ultimate Cloth saves an average of 45 pounds of paper towels per person, per year. It takes over 3000 lbs of weight to rip or tear an Ultimate Cloth and because of its extreme durability, it will last through hundreds of washes.
  • EASY CARE & SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - When your microfiber duster is dirty, simply machine or hand wash with soap or detergent. Unlike old microfibers, these cloths can be bleached for disinfection. Hang dry. No fabric softeners. 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We guarantee these cleaning cloths actually remove greasy fingerprints! 5 YEAR GENERAL USE WARRANTY.

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