The Steam Boss - Steam Release Diverter | Kitchen Accessory Compatible with Instant Pot/Ninja Foodi/Crock Pot/Power Pressure Cooker XL | Accessories for all Quart Sizes, 3 mini 6, 8 | Home/RV (Black)

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The Steam Boss

  • When pressure cooking foods that can be quickly overcooked, such as veggies, rice, pasta, and corn, you will open the quick pressure release (QPR) valve in order to quickly release the pressure and steam from your pot. Most recipes will tell you when to use the QPR function.
  • A steam diverter should only be used when performing a QPR and should not be permanently attached to your quick release valve. Regardless of a diverters leak-free claims, permanently attaching a diverter interferes with your IPs designed operation, affecting its ability to seal, build pressure, and may clog during use.

  • Pressure cooking is all about steam. The Steam Boss is engineered to be used with the operation and safety features designed for your pressure cooker, allowing efficient and proper release of steam during the quick release step. To accomplish this, The Steam Boss is designed to attach slightly loose and to be placed onto the quick release valve only when a QPR is required and after cooking has completed. This distinction stands The Steam Boss apart from all other diverters.
  • The Steam BossÕs wide mouth design evenly disperses steam in one (1) direction, out and away from your cabinets. Please avoid gimmicky characters, PVC pipes, cheaply made knock-offs, 3D printed dragons, and diverters that shoot steam in two (2) directions.
  • Use The Steam Boss to direct steam in one direction, towards a vent, out a window, or in any direction that fits your unique home kitchen or recreational vehicle (RV) space.

    Do not place face, hand or unprotected skin in front of steam.

    1. Use diverter when a quick pressure release (QPR) is required.
    2. Slide diverter onto release valve and ensure vent area is clear.
    3. Turn steam release valve to vent.
  • Features

    • PROTECT YOUR CABINETS: We can help you avoid destroying your cabinets because of moisture, heat and steam released upward from your Instant Pot pressure cooker. Use the Steam Boss every time you use the quick steam release valve to safely direct steam out and away from your cabinets. Designed to fit perfectly, our pressure diverter provides you four (4) directional settings to fit your kitchen space.
    • CHOOSE THE BEST: Made by the leader in cookware accessories, The Pressure People, The Steam Boss pressure diverter is the #1 accessory to properly manage steam released from the quick pressure release valve on your IP instapot pressure cooker. Engineered beautifully for precision fit and constructed with high quality BPA free silicone, this IP accessory is a must have for Instant Pot cooks and avid fans.
    • CLEAN COOKING: Cooking starchy foods causes overflow of foam and liquid to rise out and splatter from your quick release valve. Using The Steam Boss stops food and grease splatter from venting onto walls, counters and cabinets. The Steam Boss is designed to drastically reduce this mess, and make your cleanup quick and easy.
    • EASY: Easy to use and easy to clean. Try us once and you will know why this is the best and must have accessory for your IP pressure cooker. The wide mouth vent makes cleaning a breeze. Hand and dishwasher safe.
    • BUY NOW: Available in two colors, Pink and Black, to personalize and accessorize your LUX mini, LUX 6 qt, or LUX 8 qt Instant Pot pressure cookers. Risk free, 100% guarantee you will love cooking with the Boss!

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