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Product Description "Tear down this wall! Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” ◆ THE 1980’S - The Official Word Search Puzzle Book of a Fabulous Decade. This Large-Print Word Search Puzzle Book Will Entertain You as it Lets You Revisit This Time That Changed Out World. ◆ Take a trip back in time to the era of The Early Computers, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Dynasty, MASH and more, with this large-print word search puzzle book of the 1980’s With each puzzle visit another piece of the past.   Written to challenge and entertain and even educate.   Exercising the brain, while offering hours of fun.  Enjoy the challenge of word searching in an easy-to-read format. Seniors Love these Easy-to-Read Puzzles Puzzles are all related to events and happenings of the 1980s providing amusing, and challenging entertainment A Great Gift for Any Friend Perfect Gift for Word Search Lovers Large Type Easy to Read Solutions No Need to pull out their Reading Glasses or Squinting at the Text Solutions Also Presented in Large Type ♥ Enjoy the Challenge of Discovering… ♥ Inventions And Discoveries of The Decade Popular Actors Popular Actresses Celebrity Deaths T.V. Shows T.V. Actors Musical Groups Politics and World Leaders In The News Singing Stars More In Music More News Winter Olympics Summer Olympics Emmy Awards Academy Awards Winners In Baseball Celebrities Born in the 1980s On Broadway Some Advertised Brands Time Magazine Covers 1980-1984 Ten Years of Computers and Technology Around The World Basketball More Popular Actors of the Time Soccer (Association Football) Time Magazine Covers 1985-1987 Ice Hockey Pop Culture Fashions and Trends Cagney and Lacey Snack Foods Flowers and Gardens At The Movies #2 More Time Magazine Covers 1988-1989 Hurricanes and Storms (Names) Best Sellers Popular Authors (Fiction) Popular Authors (Non-Fiction) Popular Cars of the Decade Games And Entertainment More Popular Cars of the Decade Cheers Golden Girls Favorite Cat Breeds Favorite Cat Names Mash Popular Films Toys And Games Politics And Political Leaders Magnum Pi 1980s Slang and Expressions Hill Street Blues Miami Vice Rock-and-roll and Much More ♥ Relax and Relive the 1980s and Challenge Your Memory and Skills ♥ “Jenny Patterson and The Puzzler have launched a great way to recall the past and brush up on cultural history – those special moments and aspects of the last century. In this book we revisit the wild 1980s – computers, Dynasty, the Cold War, MASH, Cabbage Patch dolls- It is all here and more.In this Word Search puzzle book, the authors take you back in time through a series of researched puzzles. If you lived it, then a lot of these references to foods, bands, now defunct stores and more will make you smile. Even if you didn’t live through the eighties, you’ll be surprised at how many current trends popular now started back then.The fascinating word search puzzles include inventions and discoveries of the decade, singing starts, musical groups, singing stars, winners in baseball, names of hurricanes and storms, Miami Vice, toys and games, the Golden Girls - and much more – 60 topics to research through puzzles.Great entertainment value and challenges for recall, this is a very successful Word Search Puzzle Book. Highly recommended for everyone.” ♥ Order Your Copy Today! ♥ Review Excellent fun for those of us who vividly remember the 80s.  Jenny and The Puzzler also have puzzle books out for the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's.  Great walks down memory lane. - Philly Reporter Another great addition to the "Word Puzzles for the Decades" series from these two puzzle writers.  Such a fun way of remembering that decade that meant so much to me growing up.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who remembers the 1980s or would like to. - Newport Children's Book Review From the Author My daughter was born in the 1980's, which made this book an especially fun one to put together. Here is a list of the entertaining puzzles

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It's not a good time to buy now, there's a 91% probability this price will decrease. Our advice is to Watch it.

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