The Negg Boiled Egg Peeler White

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Color:White Compact and sturdy, the NEGG® makes the once tedious task of peeling boiled eggs ingeniously simple, Fast and fun! Add a little water and your boiled egg to the NEGG®. SNAP on the cap. SHAKE it a few times. Remove the shelled egg. It takes just seconds. Order today and join our growing family of Negg™ Heads. Farbe: Weiß. Kompakt und robust, macht das NEGG® die einst mühsame Aufgabe, gekochte Eier genial einfach, schnell und macht Spaß! Geben Sie etwas Wasser und Ihr gekochtes Ei in das NEGG® Snap auf der Kappe. Schütteln Sie es ein paar Mal. Entfernen Sie das geschälte Ei. Es dauert nur Sekunden. Bestellen Sie noch heute und werden Sie Teil unserer wachsenden Familie von Negg™ Heads. צבע: לבן קומפקטי ויציב, NEGG® הופך את המשימה המייגעת של קילוף ביצים מבושלות לפשוטה להפליא, מהירה וכיפית! הוסיפו מעט מים והביצה המבושלת שלכם ל-NEGG®. הצמד על הכובע. נערו אותו כמה פעמים. הסירו את הביצה המוקפפת. זה לוקח רק שניות. הזמינו היום והצטרפו למשפחה ההולכת וגדלה של Negg™ Heads. Cor: branco Compacto e resistente, o NEGG® torna a tarefa outrora tediosa de descascar ovos cozidos engenhosamente simples, rápida e divertida! Adicione um pouco de água e seu ovo fervido ao NEGG®. Encaixe na tampa. Sacuda algumas vezes. Remova o ovo sem casca. Leva apenas alguns segundos. Peça hoje e junte-se à nossa crescente família de cabeças Negg™. 颜色:白色 NEGG® 紧凑而坚固,可以巧妙地简单,快速和有趣地削皮煮鸡蛋的繁琐任务! 在 NEGG® 中加入一点水和煮鸡蛋。 帽子上有按扣。 摇晃几次。 取下带壳的鸡蛋。 只需几秒钟。 立即订购,加入我们不断增长的Negg™ Heads家族。 顏色:白色 NEGG® 小巧堅固,使得一次繁瑣的任務,巧妙地將煮雞蛋剝落、快速且有趣! 在NEGG®中加入少許水和煮雞蛋。 扣上帽子上。 搖幾次。 取下去殼的雞蛋。 只需幾秒鐘。 立即訂購,加入我們成長中的Negg™ Heads家族。 색상: 화이트 작고 튼튼한 NEGG®는 삶은 계란을 독창적으로 간단하고 빠르고 재미있게 껍질을 벗기는 지루한 작업을 만듭니다! NEGG®에 약간의 물과 삶은 계란을 추가하세요. 캡에 스냅. 몇 번 흔들어주세요. 껍질을 벗긴 계란을 제거하십시오. 몇 초밖에 걸리지 않습니다. 오늘 주문하시고 성장하는 Negg™ Head 제품군에 합류하세요.


  • Add 1/4 cup (Negg capful) of water to the Negg. Add your hard-boiled egg and snap on the top cap.
  • Now you're ready to slip the egg out of its shell. SHAKE the Negg up and down with enough force so that the egg strikes the caps. Remember to take it a little easy, or you will end up with a slushy mess complete with shells.
  • Shake until you feel the shell begin to "soften" - approximately 4 to 12 times. Timing will vary. The body is clear so you can watch the progress.
  • When you see the white of the egg appear, you're done. Mission Accomplished. The egg will then slip out of its shell.
  • If the egg is a reluctant sheller you may have to break the membrane after shaking to get the shell to release. This can happen with extremely fresh eggs, and is not the norm.

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