The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners 2020: 625 Affordable, Quick & Easy Air Fryer Recipes for Smart People on a Budget | Fry, Bake, Grill & Roast Most Wanted Family Meals

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From the Author What readers say about The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook:"It was gift! She absolutely loves it!"―Charlene Sorrell"I bought several books to help me get started with my air fryer. This one was far better than all the others. Great recipes with clear instructions and pictures. The best feature is the chart."―Jhon Wolf"A must for first time air fryers. A huge benefit for anyone using the air fryer. Great simple recipes!"―Corles Fredericks"Excellent cookbook."―M, O'Reilly"Fantastic thank you! Super quick delivery and communication. Amazing tasty meals and using the book constantly. Perfect. A must buy to enhance your cooking. Buy it. You won't be disappointed."―Diane Noffke"Ordered through Amazon. Good book for instruction and inspiration. Pleased with it."―Kaz"Just getting started with my new air fryer and this book came recommended. I think it's very thorough and explains air fryers and how they work perfectly. This will be used every day. So happy I got this book! I refer to it every time I use my air fryer."―Stephen Anderson"Great teaching book for beginners. So glad I got this. Helped me appreciate my air fryer more."―DPC"This is a very nice cookbook. Foods are grouped together."―Nancy Fowler"If you have an air fryer you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't get this awesome book and with so many awesome recipes dinner is no longer boring."―Robert Andrews"Gave as a Christmas gift to my sister and her husband... They love it since they recently purchased a n Air Fryer w/ no recipe book. Thank you for fast shipping as well."―Patricia"Love the recipes, very easy to follow, very good cook book, we use it a lot."―Melissa Haley"I love the price & you get a lot of recipes. I love using my Air Fryer cook book."―Sharon L. Granahan"I like how there are different options to choose from."―Lola"Had bought one for my son for Christmas and when it came he looked through it and had to have it. The instructions are great."―Terry Ongenae"I purchased an air fryer to make things easier for me. I really didn't know what to cook in it, so I bought this book to help me get some ideas. I never knew how helpful this book was. There are so many recipes with great pictures that really impressed me and made my cooking so much easier. Most recipes are for beginners and they are super easy and come out great."―Rebecca Lesauskas"Quick and easy recipes. Even children can follow. I needed a few more ideas and this book gave them to me."―Jim & Toy,"The Essential Air Fryer Cookbook for beginners is a good starter cookbook for anyone who has just purchased an air fryer. The AirFryer 101 chapter gives great detail about the air fryer, all the things you can do, and additional equipment you might want to purchase, such as small baking pans. There are a lot of basic recipes for chicken, fish, beef, and turkey, but also a dessert section and breakfast section. Some of the recipes I've never tried before, such as air fried brownies and banana cake. Air Fried hard boiled eggs? Who knew!"―Bonnie DeMoss, goodreads.comExcerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved Product Description ✓ Master your Air Fryer with this #1 best seller!In this new 2022 edition, you'll find...Affordable ingredients:cut expensive and hard to find ingredients.Easy to find ingredients:find recipe ingredients easily online and at your local grocery store.Quick & easy recipes: cook simple, tasty and wholesome meals.Nutritional information: keep track of your daily calories.Servings: cook right-sized food portions.Cooking times: save time and stress around the kitchen.Highly rated recipes:enjoy 1001 most popular hand-selected recipes.Holiday special recipes: feast on holiday meals all year round!Air Fryer guide: learn everything there is to know about your Air Fryer.Do you have an Air Fryer but don't know where to start? Quit worrying! Air Fryers are confusing for beginners! In this best-selling Air Fryer cookbook, you'll learn how to not o

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