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Product Description The bestselling book of short stories fifth grade boys love to read... A laugh-out-loud collection of crazy stories about the fifth graders in Mr L's class, with spelling tests that go horribly wrong, pranks that go horribly right, holes to China, recess wars, car driving, class-wide elections, and more. Stories told in a classic style with contemporary edge, this book celebrates mischievous humor, friendship, imagination, and the ridiculous fun of being a boy. Perfect for reluctant and experienced readers alike, and a great read aloud for the families with energetic, mischievous boys. Get ready to laugh. DISCLAIMER: This book is for fifth grade boys, about fifth grade boys. If you have never been or met a fifth grade boy, this book is not for you. FURTHER DISCLAIMER:These stories won't teach lessons - There are no dead dogs or sick relatives. There is, however, a turtle. Hear an audio sample of the stories on the Boy Stories Podcast, available on all platforms. Review "The best and only book I've ever read." - Jeffrey, fifth grade boy. "It was fine." - Albert, fifth grade boy. "I chose to read this during the time after dinner when my mom says I have to read for thirty minutes before bed. I liked it so much that for three days in a row, I read an extra five minutes and only complained twice." - Porge, fifth grade boy. "I read this book." - Jake, fifth grade boy.  "It was really funny, I laughed out loud. Probably number two or three on my list of favorite books of all time." - Timmy, fifth grade boy. "I found the thinly veiled allusions to a British short story tradition ripe with humorous and acerbic wit both instructive and edifying. What I did not appreciate was the vindication of troublemaking." - Charlie, fifth grade boy. "Pretty much the coolest book ever. I've read it like seven times, it only took me like an hour because I'm a fast reader. Best character by far is Greg." - Greg, fifth grade boy. "A moving portrait of life in the trenches." - Leo, fifth grade boy. "I am speaking with my lawyer, and whoever wrote this will soon be contacted." - Mr L, fifth grade teacher. About the Author Tom Longano was inspired to write the Boy Stories Series after teaching at an all-boys elementary school, where he told countless stories and loved encouraging boys to read. The Boy Stories collections have now been read by many thousands of imaginative, crazy boys, helping them to fall in love with reading.

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