The Anti-Depressant Book: A Practical Guide for Teens and Young Adults to Overcome Depression and Stay Healthy

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Product Description The Anti-Depressant Book was written up in the Washington Post, the review can be read here: It is written specifically for teenagers and young adults who are struggling with depression. It offers a drug-free, step-by-step solution to feeling happier quickly and developing healthy habits that will prevent relapse. This book covers the basics of cognitive behavioral therapy for emerging from adolescent depression and staying well. It is filled with paradox, written as if Dr. Towery were having a conversation directly with you, and is neither "preachy" nor dry. There are also brief sections for parents who are struggling with a depressed child. The book was written as a response to the suicide clusters in Palo Alto to help prevent as many suicides as possible. The Anti-Depressant Book can be used as an adjunct to traditional therapy, or by itself, particularly for those with mild to moderate depression. It is irreverent, fun to read, and practical. Review "Dr. Jacob Towery has been a great friend and colleague of mine for many years. In this, his first book, he offers a radically new perspective on the treatment of depression in teens and young adults. Whereas many 'self-help' books focus exclusively on one or a few approaches to recovery, Dr. Towery recognizes that individuals are unique and there's no such thing as a 'magic bullet' or panacea that works for every person. Mood is influenced by many independent factors, and this book offers insights into finding the right combination of approaches to achieve sustained recovery from depression. These approaches include cognitive, motivational, interpersonal, behavioral, spiritual, and meditative practices, along with healthy exercise habits. I wish more child therapists and psychiatrists followed this approach to treating their patients with depression!" -Matthew May, MD Adjunct Clinical Faculty, Stanford Department of Psychiatry "In this book, Dr. Towery combines his unparalleled experience with treating adolescents using the most cutting-edge psychological treatments for depression together with a direct, no-nonsense yet compassionate style of teaching and writing. His respectful, practical, and goal-oriented guidance in this book makes depressed teens accountable for the work needed to overcome depression. His treatment approach is systematic, clear, and wise, making this book easy to follow and extremely useful. I would want my teen struggling with depression to read this book." -Maor Katz, MD Director of the Feeling Good Institute "Jacob Towery is my favorite adolescent psychiatrist. He is a seasoned clinician with a knack for simplifying the complex. In this book, he has created an owner's manual for the teenage brain, as well as a troubleshooting guide for those suffering with mood and anxiety difficulties. I am grateful that he has taken the time to disseminate his most effective strategies in a compilation of self-help techniques." -Kim Bullock, MD Clinical Associate Professor, Director of Stanford Neurobehavioral Clinic "Dr. Towery has anapproachable, honest, and witty style that allows readers to connect to the life-changing messages in this book. He consistently addresses the lack of motivation experienced by many youth with depression and supports them in making changes. Dr. Towery compassionately pushes readers toward turning their lives around." -Angela Krumm, Ph.D. Adjunct Clinical Faculty, Stanford Department of Psychiatry "The Anti-Depressant Book is a great book (and workbook) for teens suffering from depression. It is also an excellent guide for their parents who just want to help and wonder, 'What can I do?' The book makes working with cognitive behavioral therapy easy and approachable. It really focuses on ways to help people feel better in real time. It is a wonderful addition to my library and a great resource for my patients and their families." -Alexander Strauss, MD, DFAACAP, FAPA Cli

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