Thank You Mind: Understanding My Big Feelings on Tricky Days

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Product Description The world gets confusing. There's so much to know. I feel overwhelmed and don't know where to go. Then I remember that I can slow down, do one thing at a time, feel my feet on the ground Children experience so many feelings every day that they can become overwhelmed. In this inviting exploration of a wide range of emotions-from anger to boredom to awe children will discover how their mind can help them make sense of their experiences. Thank You Mind also includes meaningful tips for caregivers to help their children learn how awareness, self-compassion, and positive self-talk, can be powerful tools even on the trickiest days. Review A must-have children's book for anyone sharing mindfulness with young people! Jenn's book makes mindfulness practical and accessible. As a mother and a mindfulness educator I'm thrilled to add this book to my mindfulness essentials resource list! -- Meena Srinivasan, author of Teach, Breathe, Learn & SEL Every Day A delightful and accessible introduction to the science of emotional intelligence for all of us, this new book is a guide to embodied awareness for the new learners in our families--and for the children in our families as well! --Rhonda McGee, JD, MBSRT, author of The Inner Work of Racial InjusticeWith Thank You Mind, Jenn Cohen Harper brings kids (and their adults) on another empowering journey through our daily emotional landscapes, and all the challenges and joys along the way. --Chris Willard, PsyD, author of Breathing Makes it Better and Growing Up Mindful Thank You Mind introduces children to the wonder and power of their minds. Exploring how the mind works, children learn the invaluable lesson that they have choices when it comes to dealing with difficult thoughts and emotions. Jennifer Cohen Harper's expertise in guiding children through their inner world comes through clearly in her thoughtful approach to what can be a tricky topic for children. This book is a wonderful starting point for children to develop a healthy, friendly relationship with their number one most powerful tool: their minds. --Abby Wills, MA, RYT, co-founder of Shanti GenerationJennifer Cohen Harper has done it again! She has delivered another well written, easy to understand, beautifully illustrated book for children on identifying big feelings and figuring out what to do with them. The earlier we can start introducing children to the emotions they are experiencing and helping them name them the better. So, pick up a copy or two or three and give them to the children in your life ASAP. Better still, snuggle with them and read it aloud; you ll be glad you joined Cohen Harper on the journey to regulating emotions. --Joanne Spence, founder of Yoga In Schools, and author of Trauma-Informed Yoga Toolbox for Therapists As a mom to two young children and a mental health therapist, I am often looking for books to foster healthy emotional intelligence. In line with other Jennifer Cohen Harper books, Thank You Mind, is a great resource for families, teaching children and their adults how to be mindful of their thoughts and feelings. Thank You Mind emboldens children to harness the positive power of their mind from an early age. It is a book I am excited to share with my clients as well as my own children. --Christina Furnival, LPCC, author & blogger at About the Author Jennifer Cohen Harper, MA, E-RCYT, is an educator, public speaker, and mother, who works to support all children and teens in the development of strong inner resources through the tools of yoga and mindfulness. Her goal is to help kids, and those who care for them, thrive in the world regardless of circumstances, and navigate the many challenges they face with a sense of personal power and self-awareness. Jenn is the founder and CEO of Little Flower Yoga + Mindfulness.

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