Tests Assured 15-Pack pH Buffer Powder for pH Meters - Work with All Electronic pH Meters - Easy to Use- Water Testing Kit & Wide Range Application - Ensure Accuracy - Stable & pH calibration Solution

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With our pre-measured pH powder packets, you simply empty the buffer solution powder into a clean glass container. Add 250mL of distilled water and stir until the powder is completely dissolved. Follow the instructions for your particular meter to complete the pH buffer calibration solution process.FEATURES:● Longer shelf life than liquid solutions● Full range of ph calibration solution● Ensures accuracy of a variety of electronic pH meters● pH test Powder has an indefinite shelf lifeCALIBRATING SOLUTION FOR pH METER:The pH buffer solution powder is used to calibrate the accuracy of the electronic pH meter. The pH meter has high accuracy, but after continuous use, it will become inaccurate. Therefore, the pH meter should be calibrated regularly. SPECIFICATION:● Each Pack Volume: 250 ml● Each powder packet/sachet makes 250ml of solution (when mixed with distilled or deionized water) ● Accuracy: ±0.01pH at 25°C● Quantity: 15pcs● 1 Easy user manualPROVIDE PERFECT ACCURACY:If you have a pool, aquarium, or spa, pH testing is something you do on a regular basis. However, hassling with messy liquid solutions may not give you the accuracy you need. Put the measuring cup away and opt for pre-measured convenience and use pH meter in accurate way with our pH powder. STABLE & IDEAL:Buffer solution powder provide long shelf life and stability and are ideal for low volume use. Each pack makes 250mL of buffer solution. It provides indefinite or long shelf life and stability, ideal for low volume use. It's lightweight, inexpensive and takes up very little space. HELP ELEVATE BREW:This powder will help easily calibrate your digital pH meter, helping you elevate your brew and keep you getting better with each batch. Ideal for Calibrating most of pH meter on market, also for other purpose. Sealed by durable moisture-proof individual packets.


  • 15 PACKETS TOTAL: Includes 5 of each packet in one kit.
  • WORKS WITH ANY pH METER: This buffer powder will work with any electronic pH Meter
  • STAYS FRESH: Individually wrapped to maintain freshness until use.

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