Teacher Rachel's Educational Flash Cards for Toddlers - Set Of 5 184 Cards Pre K-K Mega Flashcards Set with First Words, Alphabet, Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Manners, Greetings, Feelings, and Weather

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Teacher Rachel’s Flashcards Mega Set: Your Ultimate Teaching Assistant Hi, I’m Elky! Join me as Teacher Rachel opens its door for a fun learning adventure! It is a very challenging job for parents and teachers to introduce their toddlers and students to basic education fundamentals. But Teacher Rachel makes it easier and a lot more fun. What’s Inside Teacher Rachel’s Addition Flash Card Mega Set? Here, you’ll find 182 Pre-K-K Flashcards that will help the kids understand different concepts about language, Mathematics, and more. Each card is professionally designed with colorful illustrations and clear fonts to catch the children’s attention. In the box, you will get: 36 x First Words Cards 36 x Alphabet Cards 36 x Colors and Shapes Cards 36 x Numbers Cards 38 x Special Edition Cards that teaches Manners, Greetings, Feelings, and Weather 5 X Binder Rings Special Edition Cards Teacher Rachel believes that unleashing the kids’ inner genius doesn’t only involve the basics of ABC’s and 123’s. So, to complete the ride, these Special Edition Cards are included so that they can also be introduced to essential knowledge including proper manners and more. Teaching and Learning Have Never Been This Fun and Easy! With this All-In-One Flash Cards Set, you can get rid of those boring tutoring sessions as you can create different activities through it! How about we start a game, recall a nursery rhyme, or pick a storybook that kids can easily associate them with? These are just ideas – you can come up with your own activities to keep them engaged! If you are a parent or a teacher who is constantly looking for a very useful learning resource, you can never go wrong with this Flash Cards Mega Set! It has everything you need for speech therapy and teaching fundamental education topics!


  • MEET ELKY, YOUR NEW LEARNING BUDDY - Join Elky as Teacher Rachel bring her to a fun learning adventure! Together, you will experience a new way of educating young minds about literacy and problem-solving skills using interactive graphical flashcards that include first words, alphabet, shapes, colors, and numbers.
  • MORE THAN JUST NUMBERS AND LETTERS - Unleashing the Genius in your kids doesn't only involve teaching them the basics of ABC's and 123's. Toddlers must also be introduced to fundamental life knowledge that is why this 182 Pre-K-K Cards St includes a special pack that discusses manners, greetings, feelings, and weather.
  • KEEP IT INTERESTING WITH GAMES - Preschoolers tend to get fed up doing the same exact thing over and over again. The perfect solution? – Games! With our Addition Shapes and Colors Flash Cards, you can create entertaining games to keep them engaged for hours. Try a Card Relay Race if you're working on a group of kids.
  • FOR THE BEST PARENTS AND TEACHERS - We understand how challenging it is to teach your toddlers or students. As we design these Visual Stimulus Cards, we make sure that each card is child-friendly and easily perceptible with larger and clearer fonts. This aids in effectively improving kids' memory and concentration.
  • BRING THE SCHOOL WHEREVER YOU GO - Another bonus item stowed in the box are 5 Binder Rings that helps keep the flash cards always organized - no more shuffling or switching! You can easily carry them anywhere, stash them in your bag, and worry not about the mess. Whenever teaching calls you, there's a resource readily available!

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