SuperHandy Disinfecting Nano ULV Sprayer Electrostatic Handheld Portable Cordless 34oz Capacity 12V Lithium Ion Powered Sanitizer Disinfectant Odor Eliminator Outdoor Plant Repellent Control

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The SuperHandy Nano Sprayer Fogger for Disinfectants is the ultimate solution for when you need to quickly and easily disinfect large surfaces in your home, office, school, or outdoor space. Both lightweight and portable the nano sprayer is capable of covering an entire 3 bedroom house in less than 5 minutes! Designed with advanced ULV and Electrostatic tech, the nano sprayer "charges up" whatever solution you fill it up with and a disperses an incredibly fine mist (droplet size less than 50 microns) The charged mist now attracts and clings to any surface while also creating a "wrap around" effect providing full 360 degree coverage of said surface. Studies show Electrostatic charged fog/mist is ideal for applying disinfectant to help fight germs/pathogens/vector carriers. The SuperHandy Nano sprayer works best with water based disinfectants and is also compatible with most odor eliminators, all purpose cleaners, plant nutrient sprays and more! If it works in a boring manual spray bottle it will work with the SuperHandy Nano spray fogger! (Check your fluid manufacturer for compatibility with Electrostatic/ULV Foggers and Sprayers) Features a ESD On/Off Switch. Adjustable mist settings. Built in illuminating light. Long lasting rechargable battery.


  • UNIQUE - This device has the most advanced tech from ULV Foggers and Electrostatic Sprayers, our unit is capable of Ultra Low Volume droplets below 50μm/Mm (microns) while positively Electrostatic-Charged particles are attracted to negative particles surfaces with disinfectant/odor eliminator concentration, achieving 360 degree coverage and disinfectant protection
  • SPECS - Powered by 12V Li-Ion Battery; Max Spray Distance: 135" Inches (11 Feet); Max Tank Capacity:34oz, Max/Minimum Flow Rate 200-220ml/min; Equipped with Charger Indicator and Operating Light; Designed with an Adjustable Control knob for adjusting the atomization particle size, comfortably with an Ergonomic Grip providing less fatigue, all weighing 1.1 lbs and capable of spraying 45 tanks of fluid
  • DESIGN - For fast diffusion and strong penetration; studies show electrostatic charged fog/mist is ideal for fighting pathogens/vector carriers; Equipped with a ESD On/Off Switch; CHARGE: by GFCI Outlet, when all 4 Light lite the device is Fully Charged; Always charge at temperatures between 32°F-120°F (0°C-49°C)
  • BEST USE - Made to excel in large outdoor areas for sanitation/disinfection in environments as a hotel, restaurant, hospital, public transport, theaters, for evaporative cooling of small barns/animal rearing/livestock facilities; Alternatively use for outdoor plant or odor/repellent and can control humidity of a guitar factory, wine barrel storage, greenhouse/preparation room
  • SAFETY - Always wear PPE gear when operating; Operator horizontally ONLY (and dry), 10 feet from medical devices; After use, clean tank with water/detergent [Do Not Use Toxic or Corrosive Chemicals; Recommended use of Water Based Chemicals/Approved Disinfectants]

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