Super Pop Snacks, Clean Plant Based Protein Bars, All-Natural Nut Butter Bars With Organic Whole Foods, Delicious, Meal Replacement, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, 10g Protein, Variety Pack (8 Pack)

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✔︎ WHAT ARE SUPER POP SNACK BARS? Gluten free energy bars made with real food ingredients including delicious nut butter, giving them a healthy dose of protein and fat. ✔︎ WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT THEM? They feature an addicting creamy and crispy texture making them perfect as protein snacks or a healthy dessert, like protein cookies. Our proprietary formula took us years to develop and you can now enjoy it in multiple mouth watering flavors. ✔ WHY DO YOU USE NUT BUTTER? Not only do nut butters contain protein, healthy fats, and fiber, but these plant based butters feature vitamins and antioxidants. Our formulation includes other superfoods that help to provide sustained energy throughout the day. ✔ WHAT INGREDIENTS DO YOU USE? These clean bars are made from organic real food and vegan friendly ingredients. We make no compromises on providing a clean healthy snack bar that is 100% plant based. This includes nut butter, organic popped grains, and organic pea protein. That means no artificial flavors, no sugar alcohol, and no refined sugar. ✔︎ WHY ARE SUPER POP BARS SO VERSATILE? Not your average high protein snack this healthy bar can be used throughout the day as a breakfast bar, on the go, or for a mid-afternoon snack with coffee. They can even be used as a healthy dessert or in your favorite recipe or smoothie. Our combination of plant based protein, healthy fats and limited sugar is always a good addition to your diet. Nutrient dense and filling, these bars give you the energy you deserve. ✔ WHAT'S THE STORY BEHIND SUPER POP?Super Pop Snacks is a family run snack bar company based in Southern California. We know that food is fuel and are determined to make nutrient dense snacks available to all families via our healthy snack bars. We make these organic snacks for adults and kids in small batches with only the best clean ingredients.


  • ⚡ CRISPY CREAMY ADDICTING: Crispy from our organic puffed quinoa and creamy with our all natural nut butter, making the perfect healthy bars. We spent years crafting these vegan protein bars so that they aren't chalky or hard but simply delicious. They taste like a soft cookie filled with nut buttery goodness.
  • 😋‍ VARIETY PACK: Enjoy 2 bars of each flavor in this protein bar variety pack. These peanut and almond butter bars are packed with real, clean nut butter. Our nut butters do not contain any fillers, sweeteners or oils. Nut butters provide you with healthy fats and protein that are filling and easy to digest. 10 grams of plant based protein in every bar.
  • 🌱 PLANT BASED & ORGANIC FOOD: These premium all-natural dairy free protein bars are plant based, gluten free, with only real food ingredients such as: nut butter, organic crisp quinoa, organic honey, organic pea protein, and flax meal. All-natural low glycemic sweeteners such as organic honey and tapioca are used to keep these gluten free bars together. Free of refined sugar, artificial sugars, sugar alcohols and Fiber IMO’s. We are certified C.L.E.A.N and gluten free.
  • 👍 THE MOST VERSATILE BAR ON THE MARKET: These family friendly, nutritious all-natural bars are not your average high protein bars. They are super versatile as they: pair perfectly with coffee, are a delicious protein dessert, can be crumbled on yogurt, are perfect for pre & post workout fuel, and also work well as a low sugar & low carb meal replacement bar. This clean protein bar is formulated to give you long lasting energy throughout your day.
  • 💙 FAMILY RUN WITH A MISSION: We created Super Pop to feed a healthier future for all families. California based and family run, we work hard to bring you the most delicious healthy snacks for adults and kids. We do this by creating small batch, artisanal-like bars that taste as if they were made out of your own home kitchen. Our goal is to make the most delicious and nutritious plant based bar for you and your family. SnackPowerfully with us Today!

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