Sugarman Creations Strongest Double Sided Carpet Tape, 2 Inch by 40 Yard, 120 feet! 2X More! 5 Stars Professional Grade, Industrial Strength, Heavy Duty Rug and Carpet Underlayment Adhesive

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Installation Instructions:
  • 1. Unroll and apply the adhesive side to the surface of floor area where carpet or tile will be laid, leaving the paper side face up. (Alternatively you can stick the adhesive part of the tape to the underneath of the rug, pad or tile you are planning to lay.)
  • 2. Be sure to use a knife and cut through the tape from the paper side, which will be facing up. (Using scissors or applying the knife to the sticky side may cause difficulty in cutting. )
  • 3. When total amount of desired pieces of tape are in place, peel off the paper from each piece of tape.
  • 4. Lay down desired carpet, rug or tile on top of the exposed tape pieces, press firmly. You're done! It's that easy!

    SUGARMAN CREATIONS VALUE PACK (33% longer than most rolls) measures 2 inches wide and 40 yards in length. With our super adhesive string design, you will get the results you need. 100% guaranteed.

    Our premium quality, industrial strength, double sided carpet tape is the right choice for any home or professional job. Suitable for any surface and all environments, both indoors and outdoors, our tape holds fast and strong. Keeps rugs, mats and carpets in place everytime, all the time. Excellent choice for permanent installation jobs such as laying kitchen tile, flooring in a basement or garage, placing fake grass...the possibilities are endless
  • Features

    • ✅ QUALITY PRODUCT: Professional grade, heavy duty, industrial strength carpet tape. Guaranteed to be twice as strong as anything else on the market. Specifically designed utilizing high tension string and extra strong adhesive, this carpet tape grips every surface securely for a strong, long lasting hold. Laminated paper backing peels off easily for quick and easy installation. Roll measures 2 IN X 40 YD. BEST QUALITY & PRICED CARPET TAPE ON AMAZON!
    • ✅ SAFETY: Secured carpets and rugs keep kids and elderly from slipping or tripping. Stair treads will be held firmly in place with no fear of loosening. You can protect valuable carpets in high spill areas and your pets will no longer be able to play with & move your rugs around. IF YOU HAVE TRIED OTHER NON-SLIP PRODUCTS SUCH AS MATS OR PADS AND DID NOT ACHIEVE THE STICK YOU DESIRED, THIS TAPE IS THE PRODUCT FOR YOU.
    • ✅ Sugarman Creations 100% satisfaction guarantee: We stand behind our premium quality industrial strength double sided carpet tape. Strong. Durable. Easy to use.
    • ✅ SURFACES AND ENVIRONMENTS: Secure carpets, stair treads, rugs, mats or tile on any surface; rough or smooth. Surfaces include hardwood floors, marble, tile, stone, laminate, parquet, carpet to carpet. Durable & long lasting- excellent for high traffic areas such as stairs, entrance halls, kitchens & hallway runners. Engineered to work in any type of environment, even moist ones such as pools, saunas, bathrooms and basements. This double sided tape will stick every time, for a long time.
    • ✅ WHO CAN USE THIS TAPE? Laymen and professionals alike. Perfect for home jobs & excellent for the professional carpet layer- can be used for permanent installation to lay entire areas with carpet or tile in both indoor and outdoor locations. Our industrial strength tape guarantees to secure the first time for a long lasting, permanent bond. Easy to use- the laminated paper backing peels off smoothly and quickly- tape sticks firmly and durably. See Product Description for installation guide.

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