Stethoscope for Cardiology Medical and Home, Yuwell Dual Head Classic Light Weight Design, Double-Catheter Stethoscope for Multifunctional Uses, Gift for Nurses,Doctors, Medical Students (Blue)

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UNIVERSAL FOR ALL AGES - This stethoscope can be used by adults, children, and babies, and it is very simple to operate. Select a suitable auscultation head and then use the auscultation head to explore the desired part for diagnosis. Multifunctional Stethoscope: ①Amplify the pulse sound when measuring blood pressure and listen to cardiovascular murmurs. ②Listening to the heart rate of the fetus during pregnancy and pay attention to its healthy growth. ③Listen to the peristalsis of the intestines and judge the digestive function in advance. How to use: 1: Select the suitable auscultation head according to different auscultation requirements. 2: Select the appropriate earbuds and place the earplug in your ear,then hand the auscultation head to the desired area for diagnosis. 3: Gently tap the diaphragm with your hand to hear the sound and make sure the stethoscope is ready. Note:If you can't hear the vibration, please turn the head 180 degrees. When you hear the click, the auscultation head is in place. Then tap the diaphragm on the opposite side, and you should hear a vibrating sound, indicating that it is set to stand by. Precautions: 1:When measuring, try to keep your mood calm and not strenuous exercise. 2: Please use the product in a quiet environment, and use the contact surface of the auscultation head as much as possible when using it, because the larger the contact surface, the better the sound picked up. 3: The best time to listen to fetal movement is to wake up for half an hour every morning, 1 hour after lunch, and half an hour before going to bed at night. Listen to fetal heart sounds three times, each effective monitoring is for 1-2 minutes, up to 10 minutes.


  • 💎HEARD THE SOUND MORE CLEARLY AND RESISTANCE TO THE PERSPIRATION: The aggravated auscultation head, thickened sound tube and double catheter design make the stethoscope pick up sound very well. In addition, the stethoscope is made of special materials to make it more resistant to sweat corrosion. A single complete stethoscope and three pairs of earplugs of different hardness and two sizes of diaphragm and three shapes of auscultation head FOR YOU.
  • 💎MULTIFUNCTIONAL DOUBLE-SIDED AUSCULATION HEAD DESIGN: The self-contained double-sided flat auscultation head is used to listen to low-frequency heart sounds, expansion sounds and third sounds, and first and second heart sounds. The high-tone heart murmur and buzzing sound can also be heard. The small face auscultation head can also hear the high-tone natural heart sound of the child.
  • 💎THREE REPLACEMENT STETHOSCOPE BELL CHEST AUSCULTATION HEAD: They can be used to listen to hear a full range of frequencies when auscultating adult and pediatric patients; The small bell-type chest auscultation head is suitable for checking the low-pitched heart sound of infants and young children and the buzzing sound of children. Please Note: If you can't hear the vibration, please turn the head 180 degrees.
  • 💎14 PACK VALUABLE KIT: This package include 1x Stethoscope, 4x Replacement hard eartips,2x Replacement soft eartips, 1X Deailed manual, 1X Big diaphragm, 1X Small diaphragm, 1X Large bell-shaped chest auscultation head 1x Large medium-bell chest auscultation head, 1x small bell-type chest auscultation head, 1x Portable compact Box
  • 💎ABOUT YUWELL: Yuwell is a 21-year professional medical device company with customers in 110 countries. It is a perfect gift for doctors, nurses, medical students, veterinary, family and so on.

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