Stages Learning Materials Link4Fun Protein & Dairy Flashcards for iPad Preschool Language Builder Cards for Vocabulary, Reading, Autism, ABA Education

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The link4fun flashcards for iPad experience feels nothing short of magical. A new kind of kids toy, the flashcards link seamlessly with the iPad. No wires, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or any other physical or technical connection required. Tap the cards on the iPad screen, and the apps come to life! Research shows that when more sensory activities are involved, lessons are better absorbed and more neural pathways are formed, so link4fun products are also links for learning! The Link4fun Protein and Dairy Pack of Interactive Flashcards is a learning toy for kids that offers 24 flashcards from 2 good groups: Fruits and Vegetables. Half of the cards show a photo of the food item and the other half are printed sight word flashcards. How does it work? The cards are printed on the reverse with an invisible ink (really!!), that the iPad screen reads and responds to. The app is programmed with 8 educational games. When the app asks your child to “find the picture of the grapes,” your child finds the card, taps it on the screen, and wins! The 8 different iPad App games include: Learn with pictures, learn with ipad, matching pictures, matching words, receptive pictures, receptive words, match word to picture and match picture to word. From the makers of Language Builder Picture Cards language cards for autism, this intelligent toy for kids offers picture flashcards that are also great autism cards, autism toys, aba therapy cards, speech therapy kids games, ESL games, Spanish to English learning toys, and are a great game for siblings to play together. Also a great preschool nutrition game, game to teach health habits for eating, or vocabulary games for kids.


  • 24 iPAD-INTERACTIVE PICTURE VOCABULARY CARDS featuring vivid photos with 12 common food flash cards and 12 associated sight word cards
  • INTELLIGENT TOY FOR KIDS blends physical picture flashcards with a free iPad app to enrich children’s tablet learning experience. Excellent vocabulary game for kids
  • INCLUDES 2 FOOD CATEGORIES: Protein & Dairy to teach word recognition and health eating for preschool education, kindergarten education, early childhood education, ESL, Autism and more
  • GREAT KIDS LEARNING TOY WITH FREE iOS APP to deliver 8 different learning activities that teach picture matching, word matching, site reading and new vocabulary. Excellent preschool learning game and kindergarten learning game
  • FROM THE MAKERS OF LAGNUAGE BUILDER PICTURE CARDS, so also a fun learning toy for autism, ABA Therapy, Speech Therapy and ESL Learning
  • LEARN BEYOND THE SCREEN: Research shows that when more sensory activities are involved, lessons are better absorbed and more neural pathways are formed
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