Spring Chef Premium Fine Mesh Strainers, 100% Stainless Steel, Set of 3 Kitchen Sieves

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What Makes Ours the Best? * HIGH QUALITY 304 STAINLESS STEEL 18/8: We only use high quality, rust-resistant Stainless Steel so you don't have to worry about them bending, rusting or breaking. With 100% Stainless steel you can be confident that these will last. * 3 CONVENIENT SIZES: Diameters of 3", 5.5" and 8" and bowl depths of approximately 1.5", 3" and 3.5" respectively make these strainers perfect for all of your straining, draining and sifting needs. * TIGHT WOVEN MESH WITH STRONG TWILL WEAVE DESIGN: Great for straining chunks and seeds from liquids and even washing quinoa that might fall through to the sink with ordinary strainers. These sieves are Dishwasher Safe and nest together for easy storage. * VERSATILE: Use them for sifting flour and sugar and for rinsing and draining fruits and vegetables, rice, grains, pasta and more. * LIFETIME WARRANTY: Our Lifetime Warranty takes away any risk or doubt you may have. This is simply the best strainer set on the market and we are confident you will love it. Scroll to the top now and click Add to Cart to begin your favorite kitchen experience.


  • 100% HIGH PERFORMANCE STAINLESS STEEL WITH BEAUTIFUL MIRROR FINISH FOR A TIMELESS LOOK THAT LASTS: We use high-quality, rust-resistant Commercial Grade 304 Stainless Steel 18/8 so you won't have to worry about metal rusting, bending or breaking. They are also Dishwasher Safe so cleaning them is a breeze.
  • FINE MESH WITH SUPERIOR STRENGTH TWILL WEAVE DESIGN FOR ALL YOUR SIFTING AND STRAINING NEEDS - The strong fine mesh is perfect for rinsing fruits, vegetables, grains, rice, pasta and even quinoa! The long handles and hanging hook are easy to grab and lets the strainers balance perfectly over your bowls and pots.
  • MAKING HEALTHY CHOICES JUST GOT EASIER - With the ability to strain your own yogurt, rinse fruits, veggies and berries for smoothies and drain your own home-cooked beans, lentils and hard boiled eggs... the possibilities are endless to help make healthy eating easy. It may become the most useful tool in your kitchen.
  • DEEP BOWLS COLLECT MORE FOOD & COME IN 3 GREAT SIZES FOR A VARIETY OF USES - These strainers are not shallow like others you may find in the market. 3", 5.5" and 8" strainers nest together for easy storage. Use the small strainer for loose tea and catching coffee grounds from your French press. The medium strainer can be used for sifting flour, sugar and for removing seeds from orange and lemon juice. Use the large strainer like a colander to drain pasta or to sift or strain larger quantities.
  • SAVE MONEY BY NO WASTED FOOD GOING DOWN THE DRAIN - No more losing costly produce or quinoa down the drain. The sieves catch all of your food to keep them out of the sink. And since they are strong and durable with thick gauge steel, they can hold heavy loads. You really have nothing to lose since the strainers are also guaranteed by our Lifetime Warranty.

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