SPIDER GRIP Can Opener, No-Trouble-Lid-Lift Manual Handheld Can Opener with Magnet, Smooth Edge Safe Cut for Beer/Tin/Bottle, Big Turning Knob Anti-Slip Handle Good for Seniors with Arthritis

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FINEST TOOLS LET YOU ENJOY THE CONVENIENCE IN KITCHEN. 1. Made from food safe rust proof material and extremely durable sturdy. ensuring can opener won't rust or break over the time. 2. Features a powerful built-in magnet, helping you lift the lid without using your fingers. The lid won't drop into the food any more. 3. Features a big turning knob and fat handles , cuts the lid very smoothly without using much effort. it will not slip and easy operate for seniors with arthritis. 4. Multi function tool. Can opener, bottle opener in one, fits in all kinds and all sizes of can/tin/jar/bottle. GUIDELINES FOR USE 1. Open the handle, and then clamp the can edge with the blade and gear. 2. Adjust the angle until the lower magnet block clanged closely to the outer side of the can. 3. Press the handles until the blade pierced the can lid. 4. Turn the knob clockwise and then use the magnet to lift the lid off. ( leave a connection if needed.) 5. Using two fingers to safely press down the lid to the dustbin. Why Choose SPIDER GRIP Can Opener? 1.Easy Operation Rust proof material and sturdy construction. Design for easy to operate. It's definitely a good kitchen helper for you! 2.Powerful Built-in Magnet Lid Lifter Using the powerful magnet to attract the sharp lid instead of your finger. Your finger will never get dirt. 3.Easy Clean-Up Simply wash it with a mild detergent, rinse then dry immediately. NOTE: Please rinse thoroughly and dry before storage in case of the food residual corrode the nail. 4.Convenient storage After cleaning, just hang the can opener on the hook, very convenient to store, saving your space. Best Gift For Your Loved Ones!


  • [No-Trouble-Lid-Lift] Can opener with powerful magnet can capture the lid and keep it from falling into the can so that you won't touch the food or get your fingers dirty. Just using the magnet to attract the lid when you almost finish cutting the edge of can, no dropping lid or shaving metal will contaminate your food.
  • [Big Turning Knob & Rotund Handles] Ergonomically curved turning knob turns smoothly when cutting through the edge. Soft rotund handles and the anti-slip surface make a comfortable grip. The manual can opener with effort saving design is good for women and seniors with arthritis.
  • [Safe Can Opener & Easy to Operate] The can opener is very sturdy and will not rust. The sharp blade provides a smooth cut. Clamping the can edge with blade and gear, remember to adjust the lower magnet block to closely cling to the outer side of the can, then puncturing the lid with a little press on the handles, turning the big knob clockwise, you can see the can lid be cut smoothly without metal shavings. Very easy to use even a child can do.
  • [Compact Design with Multipurpose] A must have kitchen gadget. This fine can opener is very practical, you can use it as the can/bottle/tin/beer opener, the magnet design helps you elegantly open the can and won't dirt your fingers. Compact size won't take up your space. Wash thoroughly under running water and then hanging dry on the hook or attract to the refrigerator.
  • [Your Satisfaction is Our Top Concern] Customer satisfaction is always our greatest pursuit. We provide unsatisfactory return or refund services, so you can buy with confidence. Any questions, issues, our customer service will help you with the best solution.

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