Sparkling Mama's Morning Sickness Relief | Dr. Approved, Women Owned, USA Made. Bubbly Drink Mix. B6 & Magnesium (Motion Sickness, Anti-Nausea, Pregnancy), Raspberry Mint 8-Count

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Sparkling Mama's Fizzelixir Morning Sickness Relief was created by a pregnant mom! 🤰

Morning sickness is uncomfortable and for many mom's-to-be debilitating. Sparkling Mama's Fizzelixir offers morning sickness relief that is effective and fast acting!

Fizzelixir combines vitamins B6 and Magnesium, and mint. These all natural remedies help relieve your nausea. Fizzelixir is gentle on your stomach and won't cause irritation like pills. It's absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, which means it goes to work fast! Fizzelixir is mild on the palate because we understand pregnancy causes your senses to be heightened!

Raspberry Mint Flavor: The combination of mint and raspberry compliment each other and offer a subtle flavor addition to your water. Add more or less water for desired sweetness.

Directions: Simply dissolve a packet in the drink of your choice for on the spot morning sickness relief!

Dr. Approved: Fizzelixir is Dr. approved. There are no added chemicals, no dyes and it is caffeine free, gluten and dairy free.

Feel Better: In addition to relief from morning sickness, you may notice an increase in energy from the B6, and less muscle cramping due to the Magnesium. Fizzelixir is safe for you and your developing baby.

Folic Acid: Our Raspberry Mint flavor is free of Folic acid, but if you are looking to add folic acid you may try our Citrus


  • DOCTOR FORMULATED & APPROVED: Fizzelixir is trusted by doctors as safe for pregnant moms & baby.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN TO RELIEVE NAUSEA: Vitamin B6 has been proven to help alleviate morning sickness. Magnesium helps your body absorb the B6 making it more effective. Magnesium is essential to many pathways in the body and is often deficient during pregnancy. It also helps reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone) which increases during times of nausea.
  • EFFERVESCENCE IS KEY: Formulated for quick absorption into your bloodstream our Fizzelixir delivers relief much faster than dissolving pills or candies, and because of its neutral PH (which the tummy loves) you can avoid the stomach discomfort often associated with pills.
  • NOT JUST FOR MORNING SICKNESS: Mint is an ancient remedy for stomach discomfort and indigestion. Magnesium may also help reduce muscle cramping associated with pregnancy and allow a more restful nights sleep. Vitamin B6 has added energy benefits. Fizzelixir may be used for motion sickness, upset tummies and other nausea issues not associated with pregnancy.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are confident you will love our Fizzelixir, but if our Fizzelixir did not bring out that Sparkling Mama in you, please contact us for a full refund.

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