Spa and Hot Tub Chemical Balancer Maintenance Kit - Contains SpaGuard Total Alkalinity Increaser, Calcium Increaser, pH Increaser, pH Decreaser, Test Strips, LeisureQuip Scum Absorber

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A simple and convenient bundle of products that provides the solution of testing and balancing the water in your spa, hot tub or swimming pool. The SpaGuard water balancer system takes the hassle out of your spa or hot tub care so you can quickly get back to using your spa or hot tub. By purchasing the LeisureQuip Spa and Hot Tub Chemical Maintenance and Balancer Kit, you will now have everything you need to get your hot tub water balanced properly with brand new water or maintaining the current water in your spa. Product Details: - LeisureQuip floating Scum Absorber. Soaks up lotions, makeup, and all yucky things that make your spa dirty - SpaGuard Total Alkalinity Increaser. Easier to balance pH. 2lb - SpaGuard Calcium Increaser. Balancing the water so it is not too hard or too soft. 12oz - SpaGuard pH Increaser. Corrects acid water conditions 18oz - SpaGuard pH Decreaser. Reduces eye and skin irritation from spa, hot tub or pool water 1lb - BioGuard Test Strips (5-way) are the simple, easy and effective way to do your daily testing in as little as 15 seconds. Works for both pools and hot tubs! Tests for Total Bromine, Free Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness. - Your purchase comes with a voucher for a postage prepaid source water 9 point analysis kit and a technician at our world headquarters to assist with support and troubleshooting!


  • CONTAINS: LeisureQuip Scum Absorber, SpaGuard Total Alkalinity Increaser 2lb, SpaGuard Calcium Increaser 12oz, SpaGuard pH Increaser 18oz, SpaGuard pH Down 1lb, BioGuard Test Strips (5-way) - 50 strips/btl.
  • EFFECTIVE: Tested and proven SpaGuard products that are reliable and take the hassle out of your spa or hot tub care
  • APPROVED: SpaGuard spa water balancers provide the right balance for your spa, hot tub or pool, by preventing surface corrosion and equipment damage while balancing water for bather comfort
  • SUPPORT: This kit from LeisureQuip includes a custom 9 point water analysis for YOUR water. Upon request, we will send you a sample bottle and a prepaid envelope by which you can mail us a sample.
  • FOLLOW UP: A dedicated technician will provide you with personalized instruction and support to make sure you can relax with confidence and peace of mind

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