Souvia Automatic Milk Frother and Steamer, Temperature Control | Electric Foam Maker and Warmer for Latte Coffee Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate (700 ml) Stainless Steel Milk Jug BPA free, Dishwasher Safe

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Make frothy cocktails, milkshakes, coffee, Froth your milk to perfection with the electric milk frother/heater!

Whether you love a cup of hot cocoa at bedtime or you just can't get through the day without a steaming mug of coffee.
This milk frothing jug will make your life a little bit more luxurious.

You can blend in syrups or stir in powders the choice is yours.
If you don't want the milk heated, simply leave the machine on a cold setting.
Then add the whipped milk to your alcoholic cocktail or iced coffee for a cold and creamy beverage.

Souvia Milk Frothing Features:
✔️ Easy pour spout - Will prevent any splashing or spills.
✔️ Stainless steel milk jug - Very durable, will stay rust free and is BPA free.
✔️ Variable temperature control - Choose how hot or cold you want your milk to be.
✔️ Base with built-in cord storage area - Creates a neat and organized kitchen.
✔️ Easy to clean up - Dishwasher safe milk jug, which can be removed from the base.
✔️ Innovative lid measuring cup - Add a measure of chocolate powder, protein powder, or flavored syrups while the milk is frothing.
✔️ Includes two stirring heads - smooth for lattes and serrated for cappuccinos.
✔️ Magnetic storage for the frothing disk near the base in the back of the machine.
✔️ Operates by magnetic induction - Giving you superior and fast heating.

Experience Coffee Shop Style at your Home!
This can be an almond milk frother or soy milk frother depending on your dietary requirements.
The Milk Café will froth and turn itself off when the desired temperature is achieved.
Pour your milk into your favorite mug and savor your coffee shop worthy drink every single day!

☑️ Milk Jug - Max 700 ml/ 3 cups
☑️ Adjustable temperature Dial 120 F - 160 F
☑️ Heating Type: Induction Heating
☑️ 2 disc attachments


  • ☕ ENJOY A TASTE OF LUXURY EVERY DAY - That rich, foamy, creamy milk on top of your coffee can become a daily indulgence in your own home. Instead of spending money on a cappuccino from your local coffee shop, make your own coffee/tea with hot whipped milk in our Milk Frothing Machine. It's fast, fancy and delicious!
  • ☕ LARGE CAPACITY MILK JUG, ENOUGH FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY OR GROUP - This machine comes with a 700ml milk carafe which is exactly 3 cups of milk. Perfect for hosting a bunch of people for a nice coffee morning at your home or office. The stainless-steel milk cafe has a proper jug spout which means you can pour without splashing.
  • ☕ TWO MILK FROTHING OPTIONS, SMOOTH OR SERRATED - Recreate your favorite morning brew, a cup of hot chocolate, or Matcha latte, with the different frothing disks. The cappuccino serrated frothing disk gives you a dense, creamy consistency, or the latte frothing disk which makes micro bubbles for smooth silky milk.
  • ☕ TEMPERATURE CONTROLS FOR EVERYONES MOOD OR STYLE - We all have our preferences, some like cold frothy milk, while other like a steaming hot mug of Joe. The Induction milk frother allows you to have your milk cold or heated up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Sip a creamy cold cocktail in style or chug down your morning rocket fuel as you run out the door.
  • ☕ USE FOR ANY TYPE OF MILK - Full-fat milk will get you the creamiest results, but you can also use skimmed milk, almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, oat milk or soy milk inside the automatic milk frother. Some women have even heated breast milk for their babies inside the milk blender.

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