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Shopping for toys online has numerous benefits when you come to think about it: you don’t have to worry about issues like parking, long lines and impulse buys that may threaten your budget. And with Pricepulse you will not only save time but also money! Whether you’re shopping for holidays, birthdays or just for the fun of surprising your kids, buying toys online can turn into an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Read on for some tips and suggestions...

Why buy toys?

While they play, our children are learning new skills, defining themselves as individuals, and practicing relationships with others and with the physical world. By sharing relaxed moments with other kids and the adequate toys, they build a time for being themselves and living pleasant experiences. Good toys are those that help kids achieve this.

How to choose your toy according to age

Every child is different. Even though age recommendations aren’t scientific facts , they are excellent guidelines when buying gifts for kids.

Toys for babies and toddlers

Very young children should be surrounded with age-appropriate toys to ensure their safety, above all. Easy-to-grasp toys are perfect for toddlers; so don't go for the multi-piece puzzle!

Toys for preschoolers

If in doubt when buying a toy for a young child, choose something that will stimulate their senses. Buying a toy for little kids can be pretty tough and challenging. It is always a good choice to go for toys that have bright colors, make sounds, or have a particular texture that will be not only fun but also educational for the child.

Toys for school-age kids

For kids of this age, aged approximately 8 to 14, it is an excellent choice to encourage them to play outside by purchasing toys and sporting equipment specifically meant to be used outdoors.

Toys for older children

Older children will benefit from project-based toys that will enhance their motor skills. Science and chemistry kits , model airplanes and cars and ant farms require children to use both their hands to build the project as well as their reading skills to follow the instructions.

Best tips to choose the perfect toy

Regardless of your child's age, you will need to purchase toys that keep them entertained and engaged. Remember you can do this without having to spend endless amounts of money and time.

1. Read product descriptions

Whenever you buy anything online, product descriptions are essential. Reading them carefully will give you valuable info such as the toy’s dimensions, materials and other important details.

2. Know your audience

Kids’ tastes are as varied as adults’, and they have definite likes and dislikes even at early ages. Toys are always a bigger hit when they appeal to a child’s specific interests. Get a kid who loves cars his/her first remote control racer , and they’ll be delighted!

3. Go for matching sets toys

One way to make your money stretch a bit is with sets that work together. Set pieces from the same manufacturer will fit, so buying a second set that matches one the child already owns will add new interest to both sets, and will always be a successful choice!

4. Shop for toys ahead of time

When you shop ahead of time, you can skip busy holidays and back-to-school seasons. Plan ahead some time before birthdays and other big events, so you have time to inspect and wrap toys. The beauty of online shopping with Pricepulse is that you can do it anytime, while saving time and money!

Make the most of online shopping with Pricepulse!

Bear in mind that with Pricepulse, you can import your Amazon Wishlist and click on Start Watching on the products you are interested in.

Download the app for free through the Apple Store or Google Play or install the Chrome extension and the tool will automatically start tracking every item you want to purchase, in order to send you an alert when price drops to its lowest point and it’s the perfect time to buy!