SMELLEZE Reusable M u s t y Smell Eliminator Pouch: Rids & Prevents Problems from Moisture & Humidity

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Don't Let Musty Smell Cause Mayhem!

Your house is your castle, your safe haven from the chaos of the outside world, but it shouldn't smell like a medieval dungeon. Musty and moldy odors are an age-old problem, but SMELLEZE Reusable Musty Smell Deodorizer Pouches can keep your whole house smelling fresh with all-natural ingredients in a money saving reusable format.

Finally! A Safe Musty Smell Eliminator That Works!

If you've ever tried to get rid of musty smells by simply airing out the room or by using a plug-in air freshener, you already know what happens next. After you air out your premises, the musty smell come back with a vengeance. If you try to cover-up the musty smells you'll end up with a worse smell.

To really eliminate musty odors permanently and keep your home, office, car and boat smelling clean and fresh, use SMELLEZE Reusable Musty Smell Deodorizer Pouches. Simply place SMELLEZE near the musty odor in basements, bathrooms, under sinks, closets, lockers, storage areas, bags, and even in air ducts. Each pouch will deodorize and purify the air continuously in a 150-square-foot area for just pennies per month.

Rejuvenate & Reuse Over & Over Again!

When your eco-friendly SMELLEZE pouch starts to lose its oomph, just rejuvenate it by placing in sunlight for a day, or microwaving for 2-3minutes and reusing over and over again. It lasts for years, it's 100% safe for people, pets and the planet, and it's the most economical way there is to eliminate musty smells.

SMELLEZE Pouches Pass the Musty Smell Test!

Don't let musty odors linger and cause mayhem. Our revolutionary SMELLEZE Reusable Musty Smell Deodorizer Pouches has you covered - but never covered-up! All-natural, non-toxic, fragrance-free, safe, reusable, recyclable, and proudly made in the USA.


  • ELIMINATE THE TOUGHEST M U S T Y ODORS: For a breath of fresh air, simply place SMELLEZE Pouches near odors, in air ducts, and on return air vents. It’s that easy! Use one pouch for every 150 sq. ft. and smell the difference. SMELLEZE works by attracting bad odors like a strong magnet, absorbing them like a sponge, and destroying them permanently without cover-ups. Due to its very porous nature, SMELLEZE has a huge capacity to continually absorb large amounts of must y odors and work for years.
  • PURIFY YOUR AIR & BREATHE CLEAN: Unlike generic fragrances and sprays, SMELLEZE works non-stop 24/7 to remove the chemical molecules causing the must y smell instead of masking them with scents or using harmful ingredients. By actually attacking the source of the odor problem, SMELLEZE cleans your air of harmful pollutants and improves your indoor air quality. As an added benefit, SMELLEZE will also absorb moisture to help control humidity.
  • REUSE FOR 3 YEARS OR MORE & SAVE BIG: SMELLEZE is a unique portable reusable must y smell remover. It can last for years and doesn’t require power so it’s convenient and saves time. Simply microwave SMELLEZE Pouches for 2-3 minutes or place in the sun to rejuvenate and reuse. This process can be repeated thousands of times. SMELLEZE has the advantage of outlasting charcoal products as well the ability to be refreshed rapidly in a microwave in minutes instead of hours in the sun.
  • SAFE FOR PEOPLE, PETS & THE PLANET: Formulated from 100 percent all-natural minerals, this envirosmart SMELLEZE deodorizer is fragrance, chemical, and cruelty free. It is one of the safest and most efficient ways to protect your must y from smells and chemicals. It’s also beneficial for those who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. SMELLEZE can be safely reused back to nature in your yard at the end of life and your plants are sure to benefit from the nutritional value it provides.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA & BACKED BY OUR 100 PERCENT SATISFACTION POLICY: SMELLEZE has been made exclusively in the USA for over 25 years and has a proven track record. In addition to supporting American workers, SMELLEZE also enjoys a smaller carbon footprint since it’s not shipped from overseas using fossil fuels. This helps fight climate change. SMELLEZE comes with a 100 percent satisfaction policy. If you don’t absolutely love SMELLEZE or are unhappy for any reason, we will give compensate.

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Smelleze Reusable M U S T Y Smell Eliminator Pouch, is it available on Amazon?

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It's not a good time to buy now, there's a 17% probability this price will decrease. Our advice is to Watch it.

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