SMARTLAWN PROFESSIONAL Realistic Artificial Grass/Turf 6'X10' 1.25in Pile Height Carpets for Indoor and Outdoor Use,Soft and Lush Natural Looking Synthetic Mats

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SmartLawn Professional produces the best value artificial grass. It has all great attributes of real grass. They have darker green fiber and a yellow and green thatch. The backing material is constructed with heavy duty and durable polyurethane, which is designed to resist expansion or contraction due to environmental conditions and drains at a rate of 28 inch of rain per hour.

SmartLawn Professional Artificial Grass doesn’t require any mowing, watering or spraying. Just years of enjoyment with family, friends and pets. 

SmartLawn Professional Turf can be used for any residential and commercial applications, and it’s safe for pets. It’s a perfect choice in both hot and dry climate areas where you can conserve tons of water and climates that are cold and/or humid for a mud free play area, both providing your with year round green turf enjoyment. Our priority is to use our technology and state of the art manufacturing to create consistent, high quality products that are recognized as the industry standard.

Product Details:

Appearance and texture of real grass
Soft, non-abrasive, non-absorbent fiber
UV-stabilized; heat and frost resistant
Dual-Layer Strength and Resilience
Perforated for superior drainage
No lead or other heavy metals
Environmentally friendly
Excellent for decks and patios
No watering, mowing or spraying
Available in Multiple Sizes
Get this premium artificial grass to enhance the look and feel of your space and create a natural-looking space for you, your pets, or guests by clicking Add to Cart above now to get yours.


  • ✅Natural, Realistic Artificial Grass – Lush, thick, soft to the touch, and featuring realistic colors and tones that look like real grass, our artificial turf is perfect for enhancing the look and feel of any living space.
  • ✅Multipurpose Carpet, Rug, and Mat Use – SmartLawn Professional indoor and outdoor artificial grass can be used to cover decks, patios, apartment balconies, and other lawn and landscape areas for convenient versatility.
  • ✅Built-In Drain Holes – The bottom of our artificial grass carpet features small holes to help water or liquids drain through without pooling.
  • ✅Short, Well-Manicured Length – Our artificial turf is approximately 1.25" length to give them a softer, yet neatly-manicured look.
  • ✅BEST CHOICE IN ARTIFICIAL GRASS: Make perfect well-manicured look. SmartLawn provides with 10 years hassle-free customer service with 30 days return policy in order to ensure your 100% purchase satisfaction.

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Smartlawn Professional Realistic Artificial Grasst, is it available on Amazon?

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It's not a good time to buy now, there's a 63% probability this price will decrease. Our advice is to Watch it.

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