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Product Description You know your sleep is important. For your health and your mood. And we want to help you achieve a better sleep! How? By using the most efficient, yet all natural, method: light. But not only! Embedding sensors, SleepCompanion helps you understand the factors that may disrupt the quality of your nights such as the temperature or the noise level in your bedroom while its companion app gives you personalized and actionable advices to get the best of your nights. Because your deserve a better sleep! From the Manufacturer A scientifically-demonstrated lighting technology SleepCompanion adjusts its light according to the time of the day. It combines different types of LEDs to act on the level of melatonin in the body: reddish - free of melatonin inhibiting wavelengths - when its time to sleep. Precisely-defined blue wavelengths of light to quickly decrease the level of melatonin for a smooth wake-up. SleepCompanion even includes a relaxation program, guided by light, to help forget about the worries of the day and ease into sleep. Fall faster into a restful sleep. Wake up full of energy the next morning. 100% naturally. Watching over your nights to help you improve your sleep. Easy and fun to use, the SleepCompanion APP is your daily partner in the quest of perfectly regenerative nights. It measures the factors that are known to disrupt sleep (temperature, noise, brightness). It analyzes your sleep patterns. It understands when you miss sleep time, start to have a sleep debt or if your last night was not restorative enough. And then gives you actionable insights to improve both the quantity and the quality of your sleep. Plug&play Favourably replaces your existing bulb. Connects to your phone in Bluetooth Smart. Works iOS 8+ and Android 4.3 Engineered for space. Proven on earth. Concept originally developped to enable astronauts to better manage their sleep cycle. Clinically proven The correlation between lighting wavelengths and the secretion of melatonin level has been proven In depth understanding of your sleep To further understand the factors affecting your sleep, SleepCompanion is compatible with a large selection of devices. Whether combined with environmental sensors the like of Netatmo weather station or Nest thermostat or with activity trackers (Withings, Jawbone and soon to come Fitbit) their data is processed by powerful algorithms to provide you with the most personalized advices (available from Q3 2015). SleepCompanion is thus the first and only platform offering a 360° view on sleep management. Because it's time to shed light upon your sleep! About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. Simple. Efficient. Everyday. Where did you get the inspiration for your product? Since the invention of the bulb, more than 100 years ago, the lighting industry has remained very traditional with limited innovation. With the emergence of LED and the large adoption of smartphones, we are convinced that it's now the right moment to imagine lighting devices that go far beyond simple illumination to help us live a better life. What differentiates your product from similar products out there? First and foremost, we're convinced that a connected device is not only a product but a set of services. So if we (of course!) pay a lot of attention to the "hardware" side of our products, we consider that offering great apps, both in terms of user experience or functionalities is extremely important. Because we want our products to have a positive impact on your daily life! Tell us about the best and most challenging parts of the creation process. Make it simple. Keep it simple. With a user-centric vision. That's always a challenge!


  • Wake up naturally with a specific blue light designed to reduce the level of melatonin in your body
  • A soothing light to help you sleep quicker
  • Track and understand the factors affecting your sleep such as noise, temperature or brightness
  • Connect to a variety of compatible trackers (Jawbone, FitBit, Netatmo) for in-depth analysis of your sleep patterns
  • Adjustable Color Temperature from 2500 - 6000kelvin
  • NASA tested. Clinically proven. You will sleep better

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