Sleeklighting Blue LED Light Bulb, A19 E26 Base Lightbulb -120 Volt - 3-Watt Energy Saving - Medium Base - UL-Listed LED Bulb - Lasts More Than 20,000 Hours

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Blue is a soothing, mystical color that can create a magical atmosphere in your home, garden or lobby!Turn your party from drab and boring into a magical and mysterious place. Ideal for events or parties the vivid colored A19 LED Bulb will be a hit with all your guests. They only consume 3 watts of energy and can last 25,000 hours. Leave them in all year round for a fun, and funky home or garden. Highlights of Our Blue Lights: ✔️ Long Lasting – 25,000 hours is equal to 20 incandescent bulbs. That means Sleeklighting’s blue led bulb gives you a lot of bang for your buck. ✔️ Use for Design Projects – If you want your new kitchen, bathroom or bedroom to really stand out we suggest using this state of the art colored light bulb to produce a modern, cutting-edge effect. ✔️ Use for Relaxation – Blue light has been shown to promote relaxation, reduce stress allowing you to fall asleep faster. Blue light can also generate feelings of wisdom and inspiration. ✔️ Use for Supporting Your Favorite Teams – Show your support of the Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens or Colorado Rockies by decorating your home with some blue lights. ✔️ Ideal for parties – Use them to cast a bright blue glow over food tables, drink stands, or the dance floor. Watch as adults and children alike delight in the magic. Specifications: ⭐ Type A lightbulb ⭐ Medium base can fit in a variety of applications ⭐ Uses 3 Watts of energy, 120 V ⭐ UL Listed LED bulb ⭐ 1 Pack = 2 Light bulb Pretty in Blue! Blue is a soothing color that can be used indoors to provide a gentle atmosphere throughout a room. Or outdoors for a magical, mystical effect in your garden. Partner with general lighting to cast a special glow in a specific area. Perhaps across a collection on a shelf or hidden behind a plant or furniture to add a blue shade to a wall.


  • 💡 ENHANCE YOUR HOME OR PARTY DÉCOR AND CREATE MAGICAL MOMENTS WITH BLUE LIGHTS - Replace a boring daylight bulb with a blue colored light bulb and enjoy the soothing, yet magical hue of color inside your home. The LED blue A19 lightbulb can be discreetly hidden behind a plant or furniture, to cast that magical blue hue on the wall.
  • 💡 LONG LASTING - UP TO 25,000 HOURS - Forget regular incandescent or other types of bulbs, this Type A LED bulb can last for up to 25,000 hours. This means you don't have to replace your interior/ exterior lighting for a long time. It also only uses 3 watts of energy keeping your electric bills down.
  • 💡 BENEFITS OF OUR BLUE LIGHTING - Using our blue light in your bedroom can help reduce emotional and mental stress. The nervous system is related to this color and it can help some people to relax and fall asleep faster. Turn your living room or bedroom into a magical place that promotes wisdom, inspiration, and relaxation.
  • 💡 POPULAR FOR PARTIES AND EVENTS - Everyone will gasp in surprise as they step into your party room or garden where everything is lit up in mystical blue lights. You can use these colored party lights to replace all the incandescent A19 light bulbs in your living room or in your outdoor porch lighting. They stay cool and won't get hot.
  • 💡 SAFETY FIRST - Customer safety and satisfaction is our priority. Sleeklighting LED light bulbs for parties do NOT contain mercury and do NOT release any hazardous gasses, or chemicals. There is no need to worry if a bulb accidentally breaks and no need for recycling as with CFLs.

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