SkinSmart Antimicrobial Wound Therapy, Hypochlorous Acid Safely Removes Bacteria so Wounds Can Heal, 8 Ounce Clear Spray

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Hypochlorous antimicrobial skin and wound cleanser for wounds and outpatient antiseptic daily foot care routines. Treat and cleanse skin infections, intact skin, minor wounds, minor cuts, irritated, cracked, red, blistered skin; including on rashes, hives, sunburn, dry cracked skin, burns, skin infections, radiation treatment burns, and many skin conditions that affect intact skin - like shingles, cold sores, rashes, hives, herpes on skin, nail fungus, toenail fungus, fungal skin conditions like ringworm, and more. This contains no alcohol, no steroids, no color, no skin cream, and is a clear liquid with no limits on use. Skin Smart Wound Therapy is safe for all skin, even around eyes and mouth. Safe for all ages. HOCL is recommended to use as a daily foot wash, foot wound wash, shingles blisters, anti-fungal skin wash, antibacterial skin wash, antiseptic skin wash, hypochlorous acid skin care, acne spray, body acne spray, acne cleanser, dandruff, blepharitis, even pink eye. Replace your antibiotic ointment and avoid antibiotic resistance - use this antimicrobial skin and wound cleanser for families instead. It's easy to apply this non-irritating, clear, hypoallergenic, gentle skin spray anywhere on your body. It soothes, cools, refreshes, and promotes healitisng, helps heal wounds, helps heal skin infections, helps heal rashes, helps treat skin infections. Obese skin folds often get infected and this spray will help prevent skin infections when used as directed. It is recommended by doctors and is healing technology from wound care centers. Compare to Active Skin Repair, Puracyn Wound Care, Nixall, Vetericyn, Vashe Wound Wash, Anasept, Avenova, and Microcyn. We are a great value in hypochorous acid skin care. No mess, no irritation, no sticky, no color! Approved for humans and animals. Compare to products like Hibiclens and Providone Iodine, we promote healing and do it without sticky, messy, colored products. Thank you! SkinSmart Antimicrobial.


  • TARGET BACTERIA: SkinSmart targets the #1 problem in chronic wounds-bacteria. Safely remove bacteria without irritating skin or open wounds or interfering with your skin's natural healing process.
  • ACCELERATES HEALING: Ideal for skin ulcers associated with diabetes. Great for burns, rashes, boils, tattoos, and piercings. Use after cosmetic procedures and for post-op recovery. Safe for daily use.
  • PROMOTES HEALING & RELIEVES ITCHING: This gentle treatment is not another cream or lotion. It removes bacteria, a root cause of eczema. If other treatments have failed, it's time to target bacteria.
  • DISINFECTING HYPOCHLOROUS: Called nature's germ killer, hypochlorous is naturally found in the immune system. It's prescription strength, non-staining, baby & pet friendly, & FDA approved for all skin.
  • SKINSMART SOLUTIONS: Our skin products provide relief & promote healing from the symptoms of minor skin conditions & irritations such as eczema, diaper rash, wounds, skin infections, burns, & more.

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