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Product Description WARNING: Skeleton bubble bath scene is a little hairy! For everything that skeletons do for us, why do they have such a bad reputation for being spooky? Maybe they are just like us and want to have a little bit of fun. The creative children's book duo of Kaine & Duds tries to set the record straight in this entertaining tale for everybody. With adorable illustrations and even a big word or two (like phalanges), this book is great as a read-aloud or beginner book for early readers.For more fun from Kaine & Duds, check out No Room for Numbers, Hop on That Bus, Gus, or Where is That Amazingly Delicious, Incredible Avocado? From the Author When we started writing children's books, our audience was small.  Really small. Three people in fact.  They were a tough crowd.  Short attention spans. Openly and unashamedly critical. Sometimes they would even throw food at us. They cared very little about paper quality or book dimensions or trending keywords. Those three fans, our kids, only cared about one thing ... were the books fun?  Our children are why we write.  They are our inspiration. Our advisors and editors, our illustration-pickers and giggle-o-meters.  They can say more with a snicker or a blank stare than the best book reviewer the New York Times has to offer.  The process of creating these stories for them and  with  them is incredible. It's an absolute blast and truly life-changing.  Our hope is that some of you enjoy reading our books with your own kids as much as we enjoyed making them.  Cheers, Kaine & Duds About the Author Kaine and Duds began their literary careers after realizing how many tens of pennies could be made authoring children's books. Their first collaboration,  "Where is That Amazingly Delicious, Incredible Avocado?"  went on to become a bus stop best seller in their respective hometowns of Northern Virginia and Southern California, prompting them to explore other captivating storylines about pugs who drive school buses and skeletons that get jiggy with it. The duo promises to delight young ears while providing a treat to well-deserving, nighttime storytellers.

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