siMul 55lb Colorful Swivel Magnetic Hook - Heavy Duty Neodymium Magnets for Refrigerator Door Key BBQ Grill Locker Coat Powerful Magnetic Wreath Hanger Strong Magnetic Hooks for Cruise Cabins 6 Pack

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Description About siMul Life is Colorful! Let our small magnetic hooks be the big inspirations for your colorful life! Vibrant, decorative, stylish, yet compact, lightweight, heavy duty, and versatile, super strong and amazingly powerful for its size, siMul Magnet Hooks are superior in all aesthetic, functional, and quality dimensions, offer Innumerable exceptional user experience in hanging solutions Product Package ✓ 6 Swivel Magnetic Hooks in 3 Beautiful Colors: Red, Blue, Green ✓ 6 free 3m adhesive pads for Scratch Protection ✓ 3 free white plastic washers to keep each two hooks separated Product Specification ✓ 55 lbs pulling force, Industrial grade, strongest type Neodymium (NdFeB) magnets ✓ 3 Coated Layers of Ni-Cu-Ni, Corrosion Protected ✓ Nano Paint Spray for Lasting Vibrant Colors ✓ 304 Stainless Steel Rotating Head and Hook, Rust Free ✓ Ideal for both Indoor and Outdoor hanging ✓ Product Size: 0.98in*2.17in Hook Size: 0.83in ✓ Versatile: 360 degree rotation & 180 degree swivel Evidence Based Performance ✓ Vertical Pulling Force 55 lbs; Sideway is about 20 lbs ✓ Rigorously tested on 0.39 inches thick A3 steel plate using professional equipment You Must Know-Factors Affecting the Pulling Force 1. Thickness of the Metal/Steel Plate and Vertical Hanging are the deciding factors. Reduced pulling force is expected for sideway hanging on thinner metal surfaces like refrigerator, metal door etc. 2. Surface paint adsorbed by magnets could cause magnetic leakage and lower the pulling force 3. Magnets attract only magnetizable materials such as iron, cobalt, nickel and their alloys, not non-ferromagnetic plates such as aluminum, copper, wood, plastics and stainless steel. Service If our hooks don't live up to your expectations, return for 100% MONEY BACK


  • CRUISE SHIP ACCESSORIES MUST HAVE: Cruise essentials. Stylish for cruise ship door decorations. Compact magnet hooks heavy duty for cabin wall or ceiling hanging and storage. Hangers for small & large cruise items
  • BEAUTIFUL MAGNETIC WREATH HANGER For FRONT DOOR: Blend well with the wreath color. Magnetic wreath hanger for metal door (1 hook can hold a 5 lb wreath, 6 hooks together hold up to 30 lb). Magnetic wreath hanger for glass door / window (Single-Pane Only, up to 6 lb). Protect scratch with the bonus 3M pad
  • HOME & KITCHEN DECLUTTERING INSPIRATION: Magnetic key holder for wall, fridge, refrigerator. Super strong magnetic hooks refrigerator & broom holder. Magnet hooks for fridge. BBQ grill hooks for utensils. Apron, oven mitt & potholder hanger
  • STIMULATE CREATIVITY & OPTIMIZE SPACE at SCHOOL & In OFFICE: Colorful magnetic hooks for classroom white board, pocket chart, door and ceiling hanging. Locker magnets. Heavy duty magnetic coat hook. Clipboard & purse magnet hanger. Calendar hook. Magnetic picture hanger
  • INNUMERABLE APPLICATIONS & SUPERIOR QUALITY: Easily portable and removable, apply the hooks wherever there are iron or steel. Vibrant, Decorative, Stylish, yet Strong, Powerful, Versatile, CORROSION, RUST & SCRATCH FREE, ideal for both Indoor & Outdoor hanging. Your purchase is protected. Order Now and Enjoy the Many Inspirations These Little Hook Magnets Bring to Your Life!

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Simul 55lb Colorful Swivel Magnetic Hook Heavy Dut, is it available on Amazon?

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It's not a good time to buy now, there's a 56% probability this price will decrease. Our advice is to Watch it.

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