Shori Bake Banneton Bread Proofing Basket Set of 2 Round 9 Inch + Sourdough Bread Making Tools Kit, Baking Gifts for Bakers, Brotform Liner, Bread Lame, Dough Scraper, Bowl Scraper, Danish Dough Whisk

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Imagine opening your oven and out pops your golden-crusted bread with a soft, airy texture in the middle. Imagine the fantastic feeling of making your own sourdough bread that never sticks while using a perfectly designed set of tools to make a delicious loaf every time for your family and friends. Proofing Your Sourdough - Our basket provides support to the dough during proofing. The banneton is made of rattan cane that absorbs moisture during the proofing so that the outside of the dough is less sticky, making a smoother surface for scoring, and a final crispy crust. The Perfect Sourdough Making Kit for Your perfect loaf - Our whisk is the best-designed tool to stir the wet dough. The linen cloth will prevent dough from sticking to your banneton and create a smooth and flat surface for scoring your loaf. Our bowl scraper easily removes dough from containers, and finally, the metal scraper is used to cut and shape your dough. Our bread lame will help you score the decoration of your creation. Easy to Clean – The Basket doesn’t need washing. Dry it for 45 minutes and scrub it with a scrub brush, then shake the flour and dough out and store it in a cool and dry place. Why Choose the Shori Bake Banneton Kit?It´s baking day. You have made your moist dough, shaped it, and left it overnight for the last proofing. Finally, you are ready to bake. You open your fridge and find out that your dough has lost its shape, and it looks more like a pancake than sourdough bread. How About Trying an Experience that Will Make Your Efforts Pay Off?!The Shori Bake Banneton kits are designed for professional and home bakers to have the best results in a rewarding process of sourdough bread baking. It will help you to be the bread-making expert you always wanted to be and give your family and friends the experience of enjoying the unique flavor of an artisan homemade Sourdough bread.


  • 🍞【 THE PERFECT SIZE FOR YOUR PERFECT LOAF 】Set of 2 round bread Proofing baskets 9-inch (D) x 3.35-inch (H) - Holds up to 2 pounds of dough. Ideal for proving wet consistency dough.
  • 🍞【 HIGH QUALITY 】MADE OF INDONESIAN NATURAL RATTAN CANE - 100% Handmade brotform that has no splinter due to our 2 steps polishing process, our sour dough bread basket supports dough during the rising process and wicks away excess moisture, prints a beautiful ring design into your bread loaf. To clean the basket, brush the leftover dried dough with a scrub brush, shake the excess flour out after each use, and then store it in a dry and ventilated space.
  • 👩🏻‍🍳【 BAKE WITH A PROFESSIONAL SOURDOUGH KIT 】The complete artisan bread baking tools set has specialized accessories, cloth liners creating a smooth surface for scoring designs, 1 stainless steel bench scraper to cut and shape your dough, 1 plastic scraper to pull the dough out of the container, a danish dough wisk tool designed to stir the wet dough and a professional scoring knife with 5 extra blades. ❤️The best bread baking kits for your kitchen
  • 🎁【 PERFECT GIFT FOR BAKERS AND BREAD LOVERS 】Our specially designed package is an excellent gifts for bakers. It includes premium baking supplies, Sourdough starter recipe, ten unique designs e - book with a guide to score your bread, an e-book of 21 selected bread recipes, and a complete e-book guide for how to make your sourdough bread from scratch.
  • 🤝【 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 】We are committed to our 100% customer satisfaction, if you need additional information please contact us and we will do whatever it takes to make sure you are 100% pleased.

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