Shop Square Set of 2 9 Cast Iron Grill Press - Heavy-Duty Presser for Griddle Grill, Pan - Seasoned Non-Stick Cooking Tool for Burger, Sandwich, Panini, Bread, Tortilla - Cool-Touch Wood Handle

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A staple of the restaurant world and best-kept secret of master grillers worldwide, the ShopSquare Rectangular Cast Iron Grill Press is the best way to maintain an even cook while cutting cook times in half! Culinary experts know that this is more than just a simple bacon press for griddles or a weighted gadget for steak pans and grills or outdoor cooking. This cast-iron press also works great as a tortilla press, Grilled cheese maker, panini press sandwich maker, quesadilla maker, or a smash burger press for a west-coast style hamburger. These Griddle press sets are frequent wedding registry items and can be found on many "must-have gadgets for men," "Best BBQ tools," "grilling gifts for men," and "useful cool gadgets" lists, are must-have griddle accessories for any propane flat top grill, hibachi grill, outdoor grill table, or anywhere you use a cast iron pan. The expert-level grill lines that this press produces will take your reputation as a hamburger patty maker to the next level. It even keeps Bacon from curling on the fire. Whether you are looking for a tool to use with your comal for tortillas (or tortilla maker), Griddle Pan, or on your coal or gas grill, whether you want to use it on an outdoor stove or an indoor griddle, you won't regret getting your very own Shop Square Cast Iron Grill Press set.


  • Get Perfectly Seared Meat - With its wide design, this flat top grill press helps you cook food evenly. Adding weight on your meat also results in bold grill lines that make food look more delicious.
  • Grilling Made Faster - Our pre-seasoned cast iron press transfers heat evenly on your meat, vegetables, and sandwiches to help you cook food quicker. You can use this on your grill, griddle, or pan.
  • Enjoy Healthy & Flavorful Food - Pressing down on your food wrings out excess oil, allowing you to enjoy delicious food with less grease. It also helps keep your bacon and seafood from curling.
  • Cook Like A Pro - This griddle press features a non-slip base with grooves that keep it from sliding. It even comes with a cool-touch wooden handle to keep your hands and fingers safe from the heat.
  • A Breeze To Maintain - Cleaning this flat grill press is easy. All you have to do is scrub it with soap and water to remove grease and food residue. Wipe it dry with a clean cloth and you’re done!

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