SHIERDU Four-in-one Early Education Set Bead Maze Toy for Toddlers Montessori Activity Caterpillars Eat Apple Wooden Rainbow Stacker Twisting Caterpillar Toddler Activity Center Portable Travel Toys

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Contains itemsFruit Bead Maze Size: 8.8*8.2*5.7 inRainbow Stacking Circle Size: 6.9*3.5*3.5 inWorms eat apples Size: 2.2*1.9*1.7 inTwisted Amoeba Size: 7.3*1*1 inProduct DescriptionToddler bead toys:Classic wooden bead toys, vibrant colorful fruits and beads immediately attracted the attention of children. Help your baby understand the characteristics of fruits and build color recognition ability at the same time. Its sturdy structure and well-made base can withstand the roughest use of children, and the smooth wires allow babies to slide and move small wooden blocks like a roller coaster toy. While playing with this cute wooden toy, help children develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.Rainbow stacked wooden ring educational toy:This is a classic childhood toy! The easy-to-grip wooden block representatives, stacked on a solid wood base, are designed with swinging edges to ensure a safe and fun game. The ring stacker has brightly colored and smoothly polished parts. Adults can help their children develop powerful skills by playing several games, such as removing stacked fragments from the pole and placing them on a flat surface, and then helping the children name the colors of the fragments and let them match the colors. Sort the pieces and count the number, or add the correct shape sort​​ to stack them into a small figure.Apple lace toy:The delicately designed wooden insect-eating apple game is very easy to hold and play with small hands. By inserting the caterpillar into and out of the smooth hole, it helps the caterpillar to reach all the holes and chew the delicious red apple. Playing Montessori activities helps to develop fine motor skills and improve daily activities. Assembling and solving puzzles is a great preschool toy and Montessori education for toddlers.


  • Novelty Education Pack: Includes abacus, roller coaster and colorful wooden bead maze, ring stacker, caterpillar eat apple lace toy, twist baby toy. A variety of items and functions and bright colors attract baby's attention, with excellent quality and value-which makes it a best-selling product and a childhood favorite.
  • Early development of toys: This set of colored wooden toys can promote the sensory skills of toddlers, develop hand-eye coordination and grand motor skills, and cultivate early shape, color and size distinction skills. Children can learn mathematics and recognize fruits. Challenge children's thinking, improve children's hands-on ability, improve creativity, and have fun.
  • High-quality items: We design each toy according to the highest quality standards and cultivate the mind. The toy is made of high-quality safe wood, very durable and compact, and the assembled and smoothly polished items can be used immediately. If your child is not inspired, please contact us and we will correct it.
  • Classic Montessori kit: It can stimulate children's imagination, promote their physical and intellectual development, and develop lacing and sewing skills. It is a great car toy for toddlers and a travel toy suitable for road trips. It can keep one or more children busy and quiet, whether at home, on the road, in kindergarten or in parties.
  • Great gift: Still worrying about choosing a gift? It is a special gift suitable for children 18 months and above. The project is rich and educational. It is one of the best gifts for children on birthdays, Christmas, Easter and other holidays.

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