Shazo Airtight Container Set for Food Storage - 7 Piece Set + Heavy Duty Plastic - BPA Free - Airtight Storage Clear Plastic w/White Interchangeable Lids kitchen counter storage Bin -18 Labels+Marker

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PREMIUM QUALITY SHAZO AIRTIGHT FOOD CONTAINERS WITH AIRTIGHT LID - KITCHEN CABINET STORAGE BINSComplete 7 Piece Set + 18 Labels & Marker Included!Made from BPA free plastic, these containers have been tested to be durable and long-lasting. Stores kitchen staples and Baking supplies like rice, flour, sugar, and coffee beans in these sturdy keepers.Easy Cleaning:For the premium quality material, easy to clean by soft soap water with hands, the silicone gasket is dishwasher safe.Air-Tight and Convenient:We know that labels are great, but only tell you part of the story, now you can know how many cookies, crackers, flour or beans are left without having to open them all up and look inside.White Plastic Body and Lightweight: (UPDATED VERSION)kitchen cabinet canister Made of durable plastic material for containers body, visual like glass but not as heavy as glass, you can quickly see what inside just at a glance.Perfect for any kitchen cabinets. Idea for Dry storage containers - storage bins flour, Rice, Sugar, Coffee etc Break Resistant and Shatterproof:You can fill kitchen canisters airtight with all your favorite food essential foods in the anywhere and do not worry about them around your kids. They will not broke even when dropped from the top shelf, will be more safer then glass or ceramic containers.NOTE: Some of our older batch kitchen cabinet storage had issue with breaking of lid handles, the issue has been fixed the new batch. If you did get containers from our previous batch and have any issue with breaking of any lid please let us know we will be able to help you these are super easy to fix as you can see in the video.MEASURING CUPS INCLUDED


  • COMPLETE RANGE OF SIZES - Full range of sizes ! store your favorite food into these efficient containers. With 7 different sizes for edibles of all shapes, sizes, and volumes, you won't have to worry about jamming your edibles into containers. Includes 1 Tall Container (8 cups /1.9 liters), 2 Medium Container (6 cups / 1.3 liters), 2 Small Containers (3.6 cups / 0.8 liter), 2 Mini Container (1.4 cups / 0.5 liter)
  • DRY FOOD LIQUID & FRIENDLY - Not only are these good for dry foods, but our containers are great for holding liquids such as water, juice, soup, and more. Container corners allow for easy pouring. Don't worry about spills as the Shazo containers are designed to seal all liquids with airtight technology
  • SECURE SEALING - Once the ring on the lid is pushed down, the silicone seal inside the lid will expand to seal the jar, creating complete airtightness. Pop the ring back up and it serves as a handle to lift the lid. Provides maximum freshness and prolonged food storage.
  • STACKABLE LID DESIGN - With a stackable and modular design, these containers will save you a ton of space in your pantry and cabinets for better kitchen organization. FDA approved and shatterproof
  • 18 LARGE LABELS & LIQUID CHALK MARKER - Matte texture with a crisp clean uniform shape; The surface is not shiny or slippery; STRONG and DURABLE for an appealing look; These are VINYL stickers - Unlike contact paper, these Premium Labels allows regular chalk or any liquid chalk marker to write on (Liquid Chalk Marker Included).

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